Unfortunately, the greatest plans don’t always worked out. I had a piece just about ready to go, but upon reading, it was clear that it was going to be a huge mistake to publish it. Rather than risk putting something out that would become argument bait or viewed as shameless red meat, I have far too much respect for you, dear reader – I hate being patronized and condescended to, and I don’t know anybody that does. Because of this, I simply can’t stand the thought of putting out the bile that this was turning out to be.

There is nothing harder for me to admit than the fact that I must toss a piece – I work on a tight schedule, and a strict deadline, as I rush to beat the clock before the next work day begins. However, I do hate to put out something subpar, all the same. So, instead, tonight will be treated as an “off night”, as I rethink my strategy and my approach toward how this piece should be handled. I thank you for your patience, and I thank you for understanding. Have a wonderful night, everybody.