Today marks the end of the AniSpring rush. Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve seen some incredible submissions from nine other writers. The schedules were tight, the titles were varied, and the overall experience was something I’ve never quite attempted before.

This whole event started as a bit of a challenge from my editor. And, knowing me, I delved into the situation head-first. The details weren’t finalized, the instructions were rough, and the timeline was broad. However, we all managed to pull it off somehow, and I have to admit – I had fun doing it.

I’m considering running this event again next year, albeit in a less intense, more structured form. Perhaps, instead of a month and a half to get as much as possible done, it would be a shorter period, with a definite number of runs. There are many ways to improve, and I’ll definitely be considering all angles going forward.

I want to offer my sincere thanks to every single person who attended. You were all fantastic folks, and a pleasure to work with. I hope that you all enjoyed this year’s AniSpring, and I look forward to seeing you all join the fun next time! And you, dear reader, thanks for reading the many articles that came through the pipeline. I hope you enjoyed these pieces, and I hope they’ve inspired you to check out something new, or seek out a new favorite.