The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Casshern: Sins, on August 3, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

7:28 PM: Welcome, welcome – it’s August 3, and time for another round of “Will I cry tears of blood? :D”

7:29 PM: Oh, wait.. that’s not til next week… but anyway! Tonight’s live-review is .@funimation’s release of Casshern Sins.

7:29 PM: So, as usual, I’d like to give some background on the show.

7:30 PM: Originally aired on October 1, 2008

7:31 PM: Directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi (Boys over Flowers, Xenosaga TV, Saint Seiya: Tenkai-Hen)

7:32 PM: Music by Kaoru Wada (D.Gray-man, Inuyasha, Kikaider, Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight)

7:33 PM: Animated by Madhouse (Ninja Scroll, Trigun, Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon, Birdy the Mighty)

7:34 PM: Opening theme: Aoi Hana by Color Bottle

7:36 PM: And away we go. :)

7:36 PM: Girl: “Who are you?”

7:37 PM: “I am Casshern! :o Luna, I’m going to kill you.” …I hope this is an omen that this won’t suck. :P

7:37 PM: Opening credits: Bouncy rock.

7:38 PM: “Original Story: Tatsunoko Production” – On that note, I hope he still has his dog. :D

7:39 PM: Shit’s going down from the very start! Battle is go!

7:39 PM: Sad Casshern stands atop a dead giant… and now he’s walking. Okay…

7:40 PM: “That’s the day the Ruin began. From the moment Luna was killed, the world as we knew it began its unstoppable descent towards destruction”

7:40 PM: Yeah, that’s a Tatsunoko plot in a nutshell… unless it’s Speed Racer or Samurai Pizza Cats

7:41 PM: Cue requisite dramatic dark figure and hugeass monster

7:41 PM: “Kill him… Kill Casshern!” Or at least try, dammit! Make this exciting! :O

7:42 PM: Casshern kills the forces of Helm’s Deep… oh wait. Those are just giant robos

7:42 PM: Episode Title: “At the End of the World”

7:42 PM: This is pretty damn badass already

7:42 PM: So far, no dog though. T_T

7:43 PM: Giant robot getting a fist through the face as an anonymous woman watches, though? Awesome

7:43 PM: Robot: “Devour Casshern!” …would that be cannibalism? ‘.’;

7:44 PM: “What do you stand to gain by devouring me? :o” I can think of a few things :3

7:45 PM: Apparently, the robots of the world are dying with the planet… or something

7:45 PM: And Casshern doesn’t give a shit.

7:45 PM: “He who devours you shall gain eternal life :3” …wut

7:45 PM: More ass whuppin’s are go

7:46 PM: “He who devours me shall attain eternal life…” Thanks for repeating that, Memorex.

7:47 PM: “So you become fragile when you lose consciousness…” watching woman is a magician? She disappeared David Copperfield style

7:47 PM: He’s hurtin’… and now for some Go Nagai-inspired imagery! :D

7:48 PM: …and a random old dude from nowhere O_o wat

7:48 PM: Old Guy = Ohji… has a granddaughter(?) named Ringo.

7:49 PM: “Devour Casshern! T_T” “What a stupid concept!” …I agree

7:49 PM: “The world is coming to an end – we must all pay the price. :3” …he sounds so evil. I wonder if he’s the bad guy? -rolls eyes-

7:50 PM: Ringo in a River – that’s a schizophrenic change of scenery O_o

7:50 PM: …and Casshern… still lacking his dog. T_T

7:50 PM: Sad Casshern. On the rocks.

7:51 PM: “Beautiful.” “me?” “yeah. o_o” Aw, Ringo… You so naiive

7:51 PM: “You must be a robot?” or not

7:52 PM: Ringo sounds familiar – will have to look that up at the eyecatch

7:52 PM: “I’m… -fades to mobs-” “KILL CASSHERN! KILL CASSHERN!” -fade back- “Casshern :(”

7:52 PM: “You waves are so mean! T_T” kids will be kids, I guess.

7:53 PM: I’m hoping it doesn’t stay this depressing through the whole thing. This is just, well… it’s sad. :(

7:54 PM: Apparently, Ringo’s a robot. And she’s rusting. Go fig.

7:54 PM: Apparently, the robots are freaking out because of the Ruin… and Ringo’s got the hots for Casshern. I’m disturbed now.

7:55 PM: “I don’t think you’re beat-up :(” Casshern has such a way with the ladies… even if they’re underage.

7:56 PM: Flashback to Luna… who’s crying. I see a recurring theme, here

7:56 PM:“I can’t stand kids! >_

7:57 PM: …OK… now he’s trying to kill poor Ringo… that ain’t cool T_T

7:57 PM: Again, this is friggin’ depressing.

7:58 PM: “They say the ruin will stop if we eat you. Well, that story’s too dumb for me to believe T_T” FINALLY!

7:58 PM: Casshern = pissed.

7:58 PM: Cue the ass-whupping

7:59 PM: He’s not getting hurt. That’s how you know he’s mad.

7:59 PM: Hunh… I never heard a giant robot scream like a girl before.

8:00 PM: Holy fuck! O_o He’s disemboweling it!

8:00 PM: In front of a KID no less! Casshern = heartless bastard

8:01 PM: And he seems amazed that this kid is scared shitless. GEE! I WONDER WHY SHE IS!

8:01 PM: “Crying in sadness as you bid farewell.”

8:02 PM: This woman seems interesting.

8:02 PM: “Yours is the lowest form of existence! It always has T_T’ hrm… she knows him from somewhere.

8:02 PM: “What am I? D:” “You’re nothing more than a killing machine T_T”

8:02 PM: Big reveal: Casshern caused the apocalypse.

8:03 PM: And he’s too damn stupid to clue in.

8:03 PM: End credits go

8:03 PM: The verdict? Pretty good… but REALLY depressing

8:04 PM: I mean wrist-cutting levels of angst, here. Dayum.

8:05 PM: Still, it was strong the whole way through. Lots of visceral action, excellent animation, and a pretty good soundtrack.

8:06 PM: I’d definitely say it’s worth continuing.

8:06 PM: Oh! Have to take a few points off for not including Casshern’s signature pet dog T_T That was half of the whole dynamic, there!

8:07 PM: Robot man + Robot Dog = awesome! But oh well… it is what it is. :)

8:07 PM: Anyway, thanks for listening to my ramblings! G’night, everybody!

Casshern: Sins is distributed in America by FUNimation.
The series can be purchased at Right Stuf

Thanks to FUNimation for providing a review copy!