Unfortunately, I lost internet earlier tonight, and spent a good amount of time getting the situation rectified with my cable company. So, instead of the normal long-form post, I’d like to present a short thought exercise.

Anime companies are known for their close ties to their core customer base. Through appearances at conventions, presences in online forums, and heavy use of social media, these organizations remain firmly in the minds of their customers. And, most important, they listen. For example, FUNimation cited that their acquisition of Hetalia was based entirely on the buzz from their forums, and Media Blasters’s John Sirabella is often seen listening in on conversations at the Anime on DVD Message Board.

A key rule of working in a customer-centric business is to listen to one’s customers. Their wants, and their needs are what need to be solved in order to generate revenues and sell products. This is both in the good an the bad times, as a customer is more likely to spread the word of a terrible experience than a good one.

So, tonight I’d like to offer a brief thought experiment: Think of the last time that you had an incredible customer experience with a company. What happened? Why did you call, and how was it handled? Did this experience solidify your feelings with this company? Why or why not?

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