As many are aware, Hurricane Irene is working its way along the east coast of the United States right now. People are in a fever pitch, purchasing everything the essentials, like bread, milk, and eggs (how the latter two will keep without refrigeration is beyond me). As a Rhode Islander who’s seen Bob hit in 1993, I can understand the fear and panic people experience. However, as a Rhode Islander who hasn’t seen a hurricane hit since 1993, I’m a bit skeptical that we’ll see a lot of damage in this tiny postage stamp of a state. Still, this hasn’t kept me from thinking about the possibility that I could spend a day in the off chance that windy water-murder does occur.

In the off chance that we are trapped in the throes of Irene’s wrath, I can see myself catching up on work that’s been left in the “To Do” pile. A lingering review, news backlogs, and a general need to get back to form in writing (and watching) anime have been sitting, sadly neglected as a number of obligations and personal tasks have taken precedence. With a da of free time, I would finally be able to catch up on shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rideback, and Ga-Rei Zero.

Generally, though, it would be a time to reflect, and to get in touch with the things that led me to fall in love with this medium to begin with. Batteries don’t last forever, and power outages are a given in a situation where winds reach 100 miles per hour. Still, the theater of the mind never closes. One always seeks to learn, to imagine, and to improve in even the worst situations.

So, I’d like to ask you, dear reader: If you were trapped in your residence for one day, how would you spend it? What would you do, and why?