While I was hoping to get these done once per week, fate sometimes gets in the way of the best-lain plans. The hustle and bustle of getting the “Our Stories Told” revision fixed, as well as the regular content of the week prior. So, rather than make this a weekly question, it may be wise to alter the schedule to every other week, with the piece alternating with a new revision of the story.

For tonight’s question, I’d like to ask: How do you prefer to watch anime?

Everyone has their own preferences, their own tastes when watching anime. Some prefer a social setting, others the sweet solitude of an empty room. Some prefer the all-out Blu-Ray home theater setup, while others seem more comfortable seated at a computer monitor or an iPad screen during a long commute. Anime aficionados come from a variety of backgrounds, which leads to different preferences and different ideals for viewing. As we continue to refine our story, this will become a factor to consider.

Tonight I’ll dust off the old line , and quote the good Doctor Frasier Crane once more: I’m listening. How do you prefer to watch anime?