New York Comic Con (2011)!

Hey y’all! Remember me?

I’ve only done a post or two here on Anime Herald so far, but Mike was nice enough to score me a press pass to NY Comic Con (say what?!?), and trusting enough to let me cover it for the site!


Evil laughter aside, I had a wicked good time at the con, and took lots of fun photos. My trip was a quick one, since I am New England-based (though I hail from NY). So, unfortunately, I didn’t squeeze in as many interviews as I’d like. I did get to have an exclusive look at Wakfu (okay, me and all the other media!) and a one-on-one walk through with one of the game’s producers. So, I’ll probably write something up on that game in the near future and include info about its coinciding anime series. Stay tuned!

The main highlight of my little adventure was meeting lots and lots of cosplayers! I even shared a cab with a few that I met right on 42nd Street! These kids were from Yorktown, which is only one town over from where I grew up. So, shout out to Nate, Brendan and Mike! You guys are awesome! I hope you find this blog post, especially since I told you where to find it!

And that right there encapsulates the bittersweet phenomenon that occurs during these types of conventions: The friendships you foster, however brief, with the like-minded folks around you. Just what is it about nerd culture – comics, anime, video games and the like – that brings fans of all ages, races and creeds together under one roof? I’m not sure what it is exactly, or why I brim with nostalgia over the sight of a Sailor Moon costume or Voltron action figure. Nor do I know why I feel an immediate kinship with the guy in the Totoro suit. But the spirit you feel in the midst of these events is quite contagious. I dare anyone to attend one of these cons and not crack a smile.

Okay, so the crowds (and some of the, ahem, smells) are a bit much, but there’s something to be said for the camaraderie that arises from being in close quarters with, again, like-minded people. After all, we’re all there for the same reason, right?

I like going to conventions not only to geek out and let my inner freak flag fly, but also to people watch. Comic Con is one place where you can gape at people openly or just start snapping pictures, and no one minds… or tries to break your camera! In fact, cosplayers relish the attention! This makes them a joy to photograph and talk to. Tell them their picture might wind up on an anime website, and then you’re really spreading the love.

So, stay tuned over the next installments, as I share photos from New York Comic Con 2011. I’m uploading the lot of them to our Anime Herald flickr account! Until then, enjoy the teasers I’ve sprinkled throughout this post! And hey, if you attended the con, let me know! Especially if you I.D. yourself in one of these photos!

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