Let’s face it: anime fans are difficult to buy for. Simply deciding what to buy becomes an exercise in futility when one considers the hundreds of shows on the market, that span dozens of genres. On top of this, many anime fans tend to know what they like, and what they want to get.

In the weeks building up to the holidays, I’d like to make the gift-selection process a little bit easier. With each installment, I’ll round up a selection of titles that fit a particular style, genre, or theme. Each of these selections will be accompanied by the following:

  • A brief description of each item
  • Why the item was chosen
  • The item’s price
  • Where the item can be found at the given price

While there will be familiar titles presented, I’ll do my best to mix in lesser-known titles: shows that flew under the radar, and complement the rest of the package. In addition, each show, or bundle of shows will be offered for under $100.00 American.

I hope that, through these articles, I can bring a bit of sanity to an already-hectic shopping season. The first of these installments will hit tomorrow. I hope that you enjoy these segments, dear reader, and look forward to our first installment tomorrow.