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Budget Bundles: Comedy Classics

Tonight’s bundle is aimed at those who want a good laugh. This collection spans settings, from small-town noodle bars to interstellar space-craft, and touches on all manner of the absurd. Those looking for a hearty laugh, or a simple snicker would be pleased with tonight’s silly selections..

Dojin Work Bargain Bundle
Price: $29.99
Found At: Right Stuf
What is it?

Dojin Work is a 12-episode series steeped in the world of fan comics, or doujinshi. Najimi Osana is anenterprising young lady that finds herself outof a job, and in need of a bike. Her friend Tsuyuri offers to give her a few bucks, in exchange for a day’s work as a helper. Unfortunately, Najimi didn’t know what to expect when she signed on. Her friend is a fan comic, or doujinshi artist that works for her publishing mark, Panty Revolution, under the pen-name “Bloomer Girl.” Tsuyuri’s particular forte is adult manga, and she needs Najimi to work as a salesman at a convention.

Upon noticing just how much her friend pulls in over an average weekend, Najimi decides that she wants in on the action. After all, writing, drawing, and publishing a manga has to be easy if the bookish Tsuyuri can do it, right? Not exactly. Still, the experience isn’t without its merits, as she she meets the various colorful characters that make up the doujinshi scene. It’s never a dull moment, as Najimi’s life is quickly filled with figures like the Justice, the over-protective artist, Junichiro the well-meaning stalker, or boys-live fiend Kaneru.

Why this item?
Dojin Work is a breath of fresh air in a market where shows like Animation Runner Kuromi and Comic Party show more sentimental sides of the manga industry. The show’s willingness to dive into the darker sides of the industry, particularly the adult comics end, give the show a much darker, more disturbing sense of humor that similar shows don’t touch on. The entire show is carried with a spastic pace and witty writing that work well in show’s context.

The inclusion of the manga with this bundle is a fantastic bonus, since the source material ia a hilarious collection of four-panel strips that condense the already-frantic humor of the show itself.

Golden Boy
Price: $14.96
Found At: Right Stuf
What is it?

Golden Boy is a six-episode OVA that revolves around traveling student Kintaro Oe. Kintaro is what many would call a “genius.” He’s super-smart, to the point that he mastered the entire Tokyo University law curriculum before graduating. Being the free spirit type, Kintaro hopped on his bicycle in search of knowledge, life lessons, and maybe a little bit of sweet, sweet lovin’.

Through his journeys, Kintaro finds himself working in a software house, tutoring a mayor’s daughter, and serving as a chef in a noodle bar among other jobs. Each of these is, coincidentally, staffed by a number of beautiful women, who are in some form of need. Will Kintaro be able to resist their charms and lend the hand these maidens desperately need?

Why this item?
Golden Boy is regarded as a classic among older anime fans. The show’s combinaion of raunchy humor, fetish mockery, and slapstick create a unique sense of humor that few shows dare to match in today’s market. However, the show manages to abstain from going into total perversion, and maintains a sweet semi-innocence. The show’s clever writing and charming collection of characters make each episode a joy to watch, and the humor manages to go just far enough to avoid the usual genre pitfalls.

Ramen Fighter Miki
Price: $14.99
Found At: Right Stuf
What is it?

Ramen Fighter Miki is a 12-episode series that revolves around the exploits of Miki Onimaru: a ramen delivery girl with a huge heart and an even bigger mean streak. She’s strong, competitive, and certainly not afraid to pick a fight when she sees a need to. Unfortunately for Miki’s neighbors, the need tends to arise pretty often. Whether it’s in arguments with her mother, in competition with the bakery across the street, or simply time for the newest episode of Star Rangers, Miki can be counted upon to bring the pain.

Why this product?
Ramen Fighter Miki is a simple, straight-forward comedy series. The concept is silly, the characters are larger than life, and the stories are beyond goofy. However, it simply doesn’t matter as Miki’s exploits manage to bring the funny with every installment. Each episode is packed with clever parodies, snappy jokes, and over-the-top action that create a kinetic atmosphere that doesn’t let up until the final credits roll.

Tylor: the Irresponsible Captain: The TV Series
Price: $35.50
Found At: Amazon
What is it?

Captain Tylor is a 26-episode space-faring comedy set in the distant future. Justy Ueki Tylor is an under-achieving fop that wanders through life with a smile on his face and a cavalier attitude. He seeks the good life: a cushy desk job in the military, where he can spend his life in boring comfort and simple luxury. His knack for getting through life-threatening situations leads to a grand opportunity to achieve this goal, when he inadvertently saves an admiral from a hostage situation. Tylor’s heroic deeds land him in charge of the Soyokaze, a decrepit star destoyer in the United Planets Space Force (UPSF). As Tylor continues to luck his way up the military ladder, enemies begin to arise within the organization. At the same time, the Raalgon alien race is planning their attack on the UPSF. Tylor may need more than just luck to deal with his enemies, both within the military and otherwise!

Why this product?
Captain Tylor is a rare comedy that doesn’t rely on humor to deliver a satisfying experience. Instead, the show uses a combination of strongly-written characters and a variety of comedy styles, from slapstick to situation, in order to enhance an already-strong space opera.

The tale of war and military corruption, of a crew drifting fearlessly toward certaind demise has a certain romance to it, which is delivered with a playful nod and a wink to the viewer. Glimpses at human issues and doses of reality are tempered by clever puns and a charming cast of characters that seem acutely aware that they are serving under an idiot… or a genius… or some sort of idiot savant. The experience is one that can appeal to mainstream fans, while maintaining just enough in-jokey appeal to tickle the fancies of older and more seasoned fans.

Total Cost: $95.44

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