As many of you readers know, I’ll be moving in the near future. The week after Christmas, I’ll be heading to the new residence, my entire life packed into the confines of a U-Haul.

As I rummage through these possessions and file them into boxes, I can’t help but get a bit sentimental, as I encounter the various artifacts of my career. A press badge for Anime Boston 2003, stacks of press release sheets from Central Park and ADV, an old Christmas card from FUNimation… these things may seem like random junk to most people (and, frankly, they are). However, to me, they’re a fountain of memories.

The press badge recalls that hectic, busy weekend where I crammed in among one thousand anime fans at the Boston Park Plaza. It was hot, sticky, and difficult to move in. Lines wrapped around the center twice over, as attendees waited to see the Gundam Wing cast, the Chibi Project, or the Anime on DVD panel. Still, everybody was incredibly positive over the weekend, and it seemed that we all simply knew that the event would grow into something bigger and better with each passing year.

The press releases, they’re mementos of where I began, and the very passage of time. In the early days, I gained a reputation for being persistent. I was once dead-set on meeting new people in the industry, forming new connections, and giving 110% to Anime Dream. I would hunt phone numbers, cold call offices, e-mail, and generally do anything I could to get some sort of response. (Mr.Napolitano, if you’re reading this, my deepest apologies!) It was a learning experience that led to some of my first contacts, and some of those that were absolutely vital in growing as a person and as a communicator.

The Christmas card is just a Christmas card, but I’ve always liked little things like this. They’re kind gestures that say a lot about who we work with in the industry.

Anyway, as I pack these items away, I can’t help but think that in a few short weeks, I’ll be making these memories elsewhere. It’s a strange thought, and a change to come. However, it’s something that I’m definitely looking forward to as the day inches closer.