The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first two episodes of Gall Force: Eternal Story, on August 24, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

8:01 PM: Tonight’s feature is a true classic: Gall Force!

8:02 PM: Directed by Katsuhito Akiyama (Bubblegum Crisis, Pumpkin Scissors)

8:03 PM: Character designs by Kenichi Sonoda (Gunsmith Cats, Bubblegum Crisis)

8:04 PM: Animated by AIC (Bubblegum Crisis, Ah! My Goddess, Tenchi Muyo!)

8:04 PM: Released by the late Central Park Media.

8:14 PM: Anyway, here we go :P

8:15 PM: “Sony Video Software International and Movic Present…” -shakes fist- SONYYYYYYYYYYY >:o

8:16 PM: And it begins… with tons of freakin’ spacecraft blowing each other up… I miss the ’80s already :D

8:16 PM: Apparently, they’re on the Akon Kagu’ya

8:17 PM: “Rumy, code 41! :D” Rumy is the token loli

8:17 PM: “I’ve never done this before D:” That’s what you get for hiring kids in the military

8:17 PM: More awesome space battling.

8:18 PM: The Kaguya’s damaged. :< “Come on, TOIL!” says random chick with purple hair

8:18 PM: …she sees dead people (not all the time)

8:19 PM: I’ll be honest… this is one FUGLY transfer o_o rainbows… RAINBOWS everywhere! Double rainbows! What can it mean?!

8:19 PM: “I don’t think they can hear me!” …they’re probably dead

8:20 PM: Blonde Kei lookalike lands… are we gonna find out wtf is going on soon?

8:21 PM: I guess it wasn’t the Kaguya… the Kaguya’s winning… with strange Harlock women with Hardsuit helmets

8:22 PM: OK, finally some names – redhead = Rabbie.

8:22 PM: “There’s nobody left… anywhere!” Encouraging.

8:23 PM: Narrow escape get! And requisite “DUNUUUUU! >:o” music XD

8:24 PM: Gotta admit though, they don’t make well.. MUCH like this anymore

8:25 PM: Gorgeous animation and really strong character designs.

8:25 PM: Music is, well.. nonexistent.

8:25 PM: And hello… naked Attacker girl. :p Requisite cheesecake shots?

8:26 PM: “Lufy! Go with them! :o” …oh… they got the Straw Hat pirate? :D They’ll be fine… oh wait :P

8:27 PM: Apparently, the crew’s fucked. Light speed kicked out early :(

8:27 PM: Dark, purple-haired girl is named Pony… Engrish rocks :D

8:28 PM: In space… nobody can hear you get sucked out of the airlock. :o

8:29 PM: Pony’s a wimp, apparently. Afraid of everything, and all that

8:30 PM: Again: we NEED more hard sci-fi stuff. I haven’t been this excited by an anime in YEARS

8:31 PM: Aliens found the human ship… apparently, they turn into terminator robots? …wat? o_o

8:34 PM: Stuff went from bad to worse – auto-repairs offline… and chances of successful repair are 25% :o

8:34 PM: The Attacker is apparently the ensemble’s Lone Wolf archetype.

8:35 PM: Attacker = Lufy… gotcha.

8:35 PM: And she has a reputation… natch

8:37 PM: Time for more seizuriffic space battling!.

8:38 PM: And the G-Diffuser will be online in 3-4 minutes… so 1-2 in anime time? :P

8:40 PM: Confirmed: Lufy = Samus Aran… or a Zaku

8:40 PM: Uh oh… the G-Canceler is locked in coutdown :o Somoene’s gon’ get left behind in 190 seconds

8:41 PM: It’s Lufy, apparently. :(

8:43 PM: Achieve light speed! :o …and Lufy’s floating in space.. with the Bron-D attack mech.

8:44 PM: Another musical interlude in light speed… with DEPRESSING J-POP! :o …and mostly naked Rabbie on the toilet. wtf Japan

8:45 PM: Yay for musical tributes to characters that we only knew for 20 minutes. :D Even though she’s on the cover for Gall Forces 2, 3, and Rhea

8:46 PM: also sad shower scenes… truly a “WTF JAPAN” thing.

8:47 PM: hah… the robot is trying to be nice about saying Rumy’s a glutton. that never works

8:47 PM: The aliens apparently left a present. a “capsule.” (I say bomb)

8:48 PM: …loli eating a sausage… truly WTF JAPAN. Especially as the robot (TOIL) gives a disapproving T_T face

8:48 PM: …whatever was in that capsule is gon’ be attacking soon. :o

8:50 PM: HOLY FUCK I just realized this is Geneshaft 20 years before Geneshaft existed

8:50 PM: but… this doesn’t suck! I don’t get it! ;o; How did Satelight.. how could… dear god I’m torn.

8:50 PM: And back to the film – DICKMONSTERS :D

8:52 PM: Going after the loli. >_>

8:52 PM: “Gone? :o but where?” not there, clearly >_>

8:53 PM: Rule of sci-fi #1 broken – never split up

8:53 PM: Ohp… one got claimed by winkymonster… or watermonster now? H2OZilla?

8:53 PM: nah, he’s still a wangmonster ‘-‘

8:54 PM: And another one bites the wangmonster’s dust

8:55 PM: Looks like the wangmonster got sucked out of the airlock… that was anticlimactic

8:56 PM: “There’s nothing wrong but.. her pulse and temperature…!” :o …chestburster

8:56 PM: Apparently she’s dead… :| And she got a Spock burial.

8:58 PM: Silent girl’s got a name – Catty… and she’s apparently a traitor?

9:00 PM: “I can’t tell you now, but… there’s only one person on this ship who understands. ‘_’ ” OK?

9:00 PM: Looks like the ship’s in trouble… 20% pressure, have to hit the escape pod… in 5 minutes. Catty’s good as dead.

9:01 PM: …and Pony

9:02 PM: Catty’s a Robut… I KNEW IT! >:o

9:03 PM: Catty SMASH! :o

9:03 PM: And she turns into a humanoid conduit, to awesome ’80s background music.

9:04 PM: …ohp – Catty’s dead. :\

9:04 PM: And there goes Pony

9:04 PM: I swear – this is going to end with just Rabbie and the loli

9:05 PM: Slow pan over the loli, then to space, all to an Engrish-filled ballad

9:06 PM: Rabbie’s dreams – lesbians and guns. wtf Japan



9:07 PM: now Rabbie chases… a dream version of Lufi?

9:07 PM: or rather Lufi’s haunting everybody? Or some unnamed girl, at leasat

9:08 PM: …who insists on making out with everyone O_o

9:09 PM:“It made my HEART ache

9:10 PM: more shots of space.

9:10 PM: “The 9th Star System.. CHAOS! :O” …they made it apparently. With 40 minutes of running time to spare :D

9:10 PM: Will we see chaos on Chaos?

9:11 PM: More Rabbie nips as she showers

9:11 PM: Just as a “Hi, you didn’t get boobs in 15 minutes :D” thing I guess

9:11 PM:“It’s a beautiul world.

9:12 PM: “The ship’s powered by an on-board nuclear reactor…” … … … k… that sounds safe

9:13 PM: First shots of the planet. And loli’s turning into a pre-pubescent bitch.

9:14 PM: “So beautiful… terra, the planet that lives on its own :o” oh, right… Chaos is the star system name, not the planet name… duh

9:16 PM: Patty’s hurting… again, I predict death.

9:17 PM: Planetary attack is go, by giant enemy (robot) crabs… hit their weak points for MASSIVE damage. :o

9:17 PM: Apparently, they’re flying Valkyries. O_o or transformers… one of the two

9:18 PM: Patty got raep’d ‘-‘

9:19 PM: And she’s mutating… or something

9:19 PM: …or it made her preggers? wat ‘-‘

9:21 PM: And they suddenly have a baby… WTF Japan ‘___’

9:21 PM: speaking of which… they just showed babby wang… WTF JAPAN! O_o

9:21 PM: …he’s growing quickly

9:22 PM: …he’s a MAN now :o that looks like Rabbie… with a winky

9:24 PM: And the aliens are aborting ’cause they got a new life form… I forgot about them.

9:24 PM: New life form code-name: “FACTOR P-1” P is for…?

9:25 PM: And now that they’re inside? The guy looks like Patty… with extra equi PMent

9:25 PM: The Akon Kaguya’s there to rescue… I think. That whole first part was ambiguous with the Harlock Hardsuit people

9:26 PM: Oh well… epic space battle is go

9:27 PM: And now the Central Guard’s getting involved – guess that’s like the elite fleets?

9:28 PM: Welp… the aliens are blowing up… and this is apparently traitorous on some level?

9:28 PM: Shit’s goin’ down… apparently, the aliens are in cahoots with the Central Guard… Harlock Hardsuit is pissed :o

9:28 PM: Lots of fun explosions, and a landing alien craft

9:29 PM: Nuclear allegory… both sides hold a System Destroyer, which can destroy a star system in a single shot

9:30 PM: Eluza’s death explained. Stuff’s coming together

9:31 PM: King Paranoid is a SUPER giant enemy crab now! We know what THAT means =D #RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGERACER!

9:32 PM: Oh… he’s a robot dinosaur… that’s less fun.

9:32 PM: Climax is go. :o

9:32 PM: Patty’s gon’ die ‘-‘

9:33 PM: “Why do they all want you? :(” …we just went through 15 minutes of exposition for that :o

9:34 PM: So they’re going to raze the planet to get to Patty’s kid… even if it means killing him in the process? I dunno

9:34 PM: Epic fight against dinosaur to bouncy 80s tunes!

9:34 PM: ’cause ’80s music makes everything better

9:35 PM: OK, this IS pretty awesome.

9:37 PM: Yyyep – planet’s being gooified… nuked out of existence

9:38 PM: So uh… how did they sequel this? ‘_’ Everyone’s de- OHHHHH… they’re on Earth. surpriiiiiise >_>

9:39 PM: …and apparently Lufi’s there? That leaves me with more questions than anwers D:

9:11 PM: And credits.

11:17PM: Verdict: Absolutely excellent film. It really reminded me of why I got into anime to begin with!

11:17PM: Great characters, excellent animation from the peak of the cel era, and a fun sci-fi plot all tied together well to create a must-see flick!

11:17PM: I just wish I hadn’t waited to long to see it.