Tonight, we’ll close off our look at Tipping Point management with the final hurdle: Politics. In any organization, navigating the political landscape is a daily event. It’s a trip through the minefield of opinions, alliances, and vested interests that can, and will tear the youngest and brightest members of an organization to shreds.

Even a Blue Ocean strategy that is beyond its tipping point can be forced to a screeching halt if a strong player shows resistance. Because of this, it is wise to try to mitigate these issues before they even arise. By appointing a member to the top ranks that knows the politial trappings ahead, a management team can proceed forward with the peace of mind that they will avoid many of the dangers ahead. This member, known as a consigliere, is often a senior member with inroads to the rest of the staff. This member typically knows most, if not all members of the organization and the politics of the company, as well as how the game itself is played.

In addition to keeping a consigliere, a prudent leader will do his or her best to silence his harshest detractors. To do so, one must quickly build a team of supporters, or angels in order to defuse the situation before it has a chance to escalate into an all-out brawl within the company. By knowing how these detractors will attack, when they’re likely to rise up, and what information (or misinformation) they’ll use, one can easily render this group

By playing a savvy political game, one can further tip the scales of a project in his favor and force a rapid implementation of a Blue Ocean strategy. It is a vital aspect of working within an organization as human nature can, and will always be the biggest impediment to any business strategy shift. The landscape will always be a trove of traps and pitfalls that can (and will) sink a project, and knowing how to get around these will be vital if one desires to bring real change to an organization.