As of today, there are twenty-two days remaining until Anime Boston. Though I’m not planning to go overboard with the event this year, I have a feeling that I’ll be spending another two nights capturing video, interacting with guests, and writing until four in the morning. And, as always, I’ll gripe endlessly even though I love every moment of the experience.

This year, I’m again on the waiting list for the Sentai vs. Superheroes panel which, if approved, I’ll be hosting with Sam Kusek and Ken Haley for a second year. To prepare, I’ll be writing a few more posts on the topic, with the hopes of expanding on both ends of the spectrum. (Also, to those that attended last year, I’d like to avoid making the gaffes I had made last year, so… preparation preparation, preparation!) While I’d be ecstatic if the panel was approved, I’ll be doing these pieces even in the case that it’s not.

In addition, I’d like to do something special for the tenth anniversary of the event since this is a milestone for the event. I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll be doing, but there will certainly be some content revolving around the event and its history.

And, for those curious, yes – the “Where’s Waldo” contest we had last year will be back, in some form or another. I’m still going through the boxes and working out what we’ll have for prizes. I’ll be revealing further details on this as the date grows nearer, so please check back for more information.

I do hope that you will join us as we get closer to the event, and that you look forward to the coming articles. Thank you, as always, for making us part of your daily reading over the past year and a half.