Earlier tonight, I received confirmation (via mastermind Sam Kusek) that the Sentai vs. Superheroes panel will appear at Anime Boston for its second year. I’m pleased to reveal this, and quite excited to see that we’ve been approved this second time.

Much like last year, I’ll be hosting with Sam and Ken Haley on the final day of the event. And, like last year, we’ll be tracing the history of western comics and Sentai shows. We’ve been taking a look at the criticisms that were received last year, and we’ll be doing our best to re-tool and optimize this year’s presentation.

With this said, I hope that you attend, dear readers. At the moment, we’re scheduled to present on April 8 at 12:30PM in Panel 208 Panel 309 at 1:00PM. This is subject to change, of course, and I’ll be sure to post updates as they become available.

…And don’t worry – the red flannel shirt stays at home this year.

UPDATE: We’ve had the first of presumably several updates, in the run-up to the event.