In the Blue Ocean business world, a blue ocean product must fullfill a need. It must do something that is either unserved or under-served by the current offerings in the market itself. For example, [yellowtail] fulfilled a need by offering a low-priced, pleasant-tasting wine that retailed for below the market average. Nintendo fulfilled a need by offering a video game system that was approachable and based on the heritage of the arcades.

So, with this in mind, what is anime’s job?

Before you answer, dear reader, we know the obvious answer of “entertainment.” We know the primary job of anime is to entertain the masses, and to enthrall viewers enough to sell product. However, what job does it do in that scope? What needs are fulfilled, what market does it serve, and what aspects of this market can translate to that of the larger market?

It’s a difficult question to answer, but one that warrants a look. As we continue forward, in this period where news tends to bubble from convention to convention and a Toonami moment only occurs once in a blue moon, I’d like to revisit it from time to time. Hopefully, as we delve deeper, we can tie our findings into the rest of our Blue Ocean studies, and continue to refine our strategy diagrams to a point where we do find that perfect strategy.

I do hope that you will join us on this excursion, dear reader.