Yes, this is related to the project itself.

No matter what happens, you can always count on things to be busy at The Herald. Even in the midst of AniSpring, and the heart of convention season, there are things that are being cooked up, planned, and plotted. We’ve looked at the titles that bring many people joy, and the business that drives the companies who deliver it. We’ve discussed hidden gems and hyped hits, and we’ve done our best to enlighten and entertain as we highlight titles. And, from the Beginner’s Guide to Budget Showcases, we’ve opened horizons for viewers new and old.

Today, I’d like to drop a small hint at a new feature that will be opening in the next couple of weeks. At the moment, it’s referred to solely as Project S. This is something that I’ve been itching to do for some time now. However, due to obligations like work, moving, and Anime Boston, it simply wasn’t in the cards. Now, though, the time is simply perfect.

I’m not quite ready to blow the lid off of everything yet, and I don’t want to get the hype train hurtling forward too quickly. However, I do hope that you will join me as this goes forward, and that you will join us as we move forward with Project S. Our first entry, barring some strange mishap or disaster, should  be posted next week.