Most of you who follow us (or just follow me) on Twitter, or read regularly have likely heard some chatter about this nebulous “Project S.” Details have been scarce, and the only hints have been quirky teaser images that dotted short articles. Tonight, I’ll be breaking the silence.”Project S” has been the code name for a pet project I’ve been working on. Beginning in the near future, I’ll be testing a new direction, a new approach to content that stays close to our anime roots, while delivering something entirely new.

For Project S, I will be translating, and commenting on, a run-through Sega’s Sakura Wars. I chose the title for a few specific reasons:

  1. Sakura Wars’s visual style and storytelling follow the rules of most anime titles of the period (1990s), which makes it easy to get into for the typical anime consumer.
  2. There is a partial translation available, which allows for more rapid work. With this in place (it will be credited, I promise!), I can at least check and proofread faster for a vast majority of the main-line story segments.
  3. The visual style lends itself well to screengrabs and text editing
  4. I personally enjoy the series (I have to be a little selfish!)

Through Project S, I hope to expose customers to a new environment – one which has only been viewed by the mainstream through other lenses, like anime and the occasional “what if” article. The west received Sakura Wars V, but they’ve never gotten a look at how everything began. They never got to see why the franchise exists, or why even today, people line up for stage shows based on the franchise.

I’ll be kicking off our first installment in the next week or so. I’m not sure of how segments will be scheduled, but the ideal will be one per week. So, dear reader, I hope that you do join me for this experience.