I finally got around to writing this first part up! Since we are just starting off, our first chapter will introduce two of the key players, as well as the basic idea of the plot. Through the chapters, I’ll be inserting some commentary, which will be delineated by bold-faced text. This could range from clarifications, notes, or simply light-hearted humor. Anyway, without further ado, let us go forth with the project!



The Story Begins

Imperial Navy Ensign Ichiro Ohgami:

This is a decree of your honorable transfer to a special role as leader of the following Division:

The Imperial Assault Troop, Anti-Kouma Intercept Squadron, Flower Brigade

Furthermore, your new duties are highly classified, and must be carried out in secret for the sake of the empire’s defense. Proceed to Ueno Park to join the division.

-Imperial Army Lt. General Ikki Yoneda

So, from the get-go, we have a matter of great importance, military, and… demons?! There is NO way that this will end up as an interactive harem show!

…Ichiro Ohgami. As of today, you are a member of the The Imperial Assault Troop.


Behold, Japan's only hope: Wonder Boy!

 Ichiro Ohgami: The always loyal, always spikey… and soon, we’ll find out that he’s incredibly clueless about anything that involves common sense.

Yes… just the response I wanted to hear.Due to the Imperial Army’s secretive nature, I am forbidden to discuss military secrets here. For more details, you should ask Lieutenant General Ikki Yoneda, commanding officer of the division. Now then, head to Ueno Park. I expect you to exceed the expectations I express when I recommended you for the position.

Understood, sir! I will now proceed to Ueno Park!


The sanctity of the empire rests in your hands. Never give up.


Yes, sir!


Some time later…

Ah, what gorgeous weather! And Ueno Park’s cherry blossoms are in full bloom, too. Now then, where is the meeting place supposed to be…? I guess I should walk around a bit more.

It’s another nice day in the capital.

Now that I think of it, I believe Ueno Park was where people reported a disturbance involving a monster of some sort… Apparently, the one who took out the monster was a young girl, who cut it down with one strike. … … … They said a person from the Imperial Assault Troop would meet me here, but when do you suppose he’ll show up?

Either Ohgami’s not very attentive, or we have a ghost to bust!

What’s that? That girl over there…

…! She’s coming this way…

Dear god, IT’S GOING TO EAT OUR SOULS! Run! Run for your damn life, you spike-headed fool!

Text: …Excuse me… Are you Ensign Ichiro Ohgami?

…or not. Maybe she’s a tourist?

Y-yes. I’m Ohgami, but… I’m sorry. Who might you be?


I’m Sakura Shinguji. I received instructions from Lt. General Yoneda to escort you to your new job.


(I was told that somebody would be waiting here, but… I never expected it to be a woman…)

Um, er… are you a member of the Imperial Assault Troop?

Of course! Imperial Assault Troop, Flower Brigade. Nice to meet you.


Real smooth talking, Ohgami.

As you can see, Ohgami’s very comfortable talking to average people.

Er… as for me, I’m Imperial Navy Ensign Ichiro Ohgami. However.. to think of a young woman like yourself as a member… I’m a bit surprised.


Do you think less of me because I’m a woman?



Er… n-no… It’s nothing like that… (…I guess that it wouldn’t be so odd to have female members in a covert squad like this… )

Ohgami, your mouth says “no”, but your face says “You’re damn right I do!”

Now then, let’s head to the Grand Imperial Theater.


What?! Did you say… theater?!


This is LIPS – get used to it, because I’ll be leaving certain chapters hanging with one of these and asking for input!

I’d like to interject for a moment, here, and explain LIPS. Every so often, like most visual novels, a choice will appear in the conversation. These are strictly timed, which means that hesitating will lead to an answer that may be funny, but it will almost always annoy whoever you’re talking to. In later games in the franchise, they expanded upon this and added elements like additional choices that appear if you wait long enough, or LIPS prompts where you have to rotate the control stick. In this game, though, it’s just the text prompts.

First, I’d like to get to know you a little better.


Get to know me…? Well… my name is Sakura Shinguji, and I just arrived here from Sendai recently. I’m the newest member of the Imperial Troupe. Because I’m so new, I’m still causing heaps of trouble for the others. Still, in order to protect the empire, I’m going to give it my all, even if it means putting my life on the line.

I see – That’s a great attitude to have. What you said really puts my mind at ease. It’s more in line with what I expect to hear from a secret military corps. …However, am I right to assume that the Imperial Assault Troop has some sort of secret weapon?

Yes. Operating a Koubu is a difficult job, but let’s do our best together, as new members.


(Koubu? Ah… that must be the name of the secret weapon. Now, just what kind of armament is it?)


Anyway, let’s get going! Lt. General Yoneda’s waiting for us!


Y-yes! Let’s get moving!



In our next installment, we’ll actually begin looking through the Imperial theater and meeting the rest of the Flower Brigade. Just what are we in for? Tune in next time, and find out!

And again, thanks for joining as we work our way through Sakura Wars, bit by bit!