With the convention season over, the greater industry seems to slip into a state of pseudo-hibernation. License announcements and releases slow to a crawl, as chatter within the industry is reduced to idle whispers.

In these slow periods, I typically begin toying with the idea of experimenting with new features and content. Last year, we started a Blue Ocean-centric analysis of the industry. The year beforehand, we toyed with features that became mainstays of the site, which includes Semi-Essentials. Since failure is the mother of creation, we’re no stranger to these experiences falling flat. Features like “This Day in Anime History” and Convention Spotlights appeared and disappeared equally suddenly, after receiving a cool overall reception.

This year, I’d like to continue our tradition of experimentation. New features, each with the potential to become permanent additions, will begin rolling out amidst our regular coverage. The nature of these features and how they will be presented is still up in the air at this point, though your input will be vital in deciding what stays and what goes. Reader feedback is absolutely accounted for in these features, and will have a part in the inevitable decisions on what will stay, and what will go*.

So, dear reader, I hope you do join us as we begin testing the waters once again. Not every feature will be a winner, but I do hope that you find something to enjoy in our new offerings.

*: Project S isn’t part of the fall roll-out.