Good evening, readers. Tonight, Anime Dream was finally pulled from life support. After over a decade of commentary and criticism, commentary and coverage, we’ve decided it would be best to finally bring our operations to an end.

Which leads us to Anime Herald.

About two years ago, I started The Herald as a bit of a side project. It was an outlet to vent my frustrations with the industry, the subculture, and the like. Over those two years, though, we’ve evolved and grown, much like Anime Dream had, adding new members, and new content. Aside from the what, we began to look toward the whys and the how in the industry.

So, to be fair, it’s a slightly different atmosphere than what you’ve come to expect from Anime Dream over the years. For one, we actually update regularly. Joking aside, I do hope that we’re able to capture the same spirit, the same camaraderie that led to Anime Dream’s unlikely success. We’ve gathered a talented team of writers both familiar and fresh, each with their own views on anime and the industry.

Once again, welcome to the Herald! I hope that you welcome us into your daily reading.

Not sure where to begin? The following are all good starting points: