If you haven’t noticed, our update schedules have been a bit strange lately. Over the past week, we’ve been plagued by strange accidents and minor disasters that led to delays and cancellations:

  • Due to network difficulties, September 24’s article was pushed to the 25th.
  • A freak power outage led to September 28’s update being lost
  • A blown auto transmission led to tonight’s article not being complete in time for publication.

It’s a classic case o Murphy’s Law.

For me, though, this is unacceptable. You, dear reader, are our customers. Our content is our product, and your satisfaction is our currency. Because of this, I want to extend my deepest, most sincere apologies for the lax update schedule. This week, we will not take our regular Wednesday Development Night, and instead focus on delivering more quality content.

Once again, my deepest apologies for the scheduling issues. Thank you for your readership.