It’s been nearly a month since I’ve began working on Anime Herald’s re-design, and things are moving along swimmingly. If you recall, dear reader, I intended to handle our re-design a bit differently than usual. Rather than lock myself up and spend months working on a layout that may or may not be better than the previous one, I’d like to get you, dear reader, involved as well.

Tonight, I’d like to begin this process, by asking you to choose our color scheme. Below are six color schemes, chosen by six very different individuals, from graphic designers to coders and writers. I won’t say who submitted which, though I’m sure the astute eye could pick them out if they tried:

Sample A
Sample B
Sample C
Sample D
Sample E
Sample F

The palettes were chosen with the color on the left being the main hue.

Your involvement in this particular leg of development will be to choose the color scheme that would best fit the new Anime Herald in the poll below.

[polldaddy poll=”6611090″]

As always, thank you for your cooperation.