With the Christmas season well underway, we’re going to begin to shift gears here at The Herald. To prepare for the coming holiday, we’ll be devoting a bit of time toward making that hectic holiday shopping run a little bit easier.

In particular, I’d like to revisit a few of our more popular features through the years: our Practical Gift Guide, and Bargain Bundle recommendations. Our first Practical Gift Guide was a huge hit, and received a number of compliments for its no-nonsense approach, and realistic recommendations that delighted recipients on Christmas morning. The Bargain Bundles have a home in the holiday season, because of their focus on delivering a combination of quantity and quality.

I hope that you do continue to join us through the holiday season. Though the schedules will be tight due to a packed work schedule, I will do my best to ensure that we continue to deliver steady, consistent content going forward.

As always, I thank you for joining us at The Herald. You, dear readers, are our lifeblood, and our reason for being here. Without you, there would be no Anime Herald.