Yesterday, Kawaii Kon announced the first wave of guests that will attend their event next year. Voice actors Johnny Yong Bosch, Todd Haberkorn, Colleen Clinkenbeard, and Lisle Wilkerson will attend the convention, in addition to musical guests Eyeshine. Kawaii Kon will be held from March 15 to 17 at the Hawaii Convention Center.

While many are busy getting into the spirit of the season, I personally couldn’t help but notice this particular release as I scanned my usual sources.

“So? It’s a press release from Kawaii Kon.”

That it is, dear reader. Speciically, it’s a press release announcing the first guests to the event.

“And? Your point?”

Well, dear reader, much like the robins returning to roost are a harbinger of spring, the first convention’s press release is a sign that the convention season will soon be upon us. It’s a sign to writers to prepare themselves, and to begin looking into what they must do to to get things squared away, whether it’s reserving a room, filling for press passes, or simply keeping an eye out for the guests they’d like to speak with.

But enough about my side of things. This is also marketing at its most basic.

The first guest reveals are often the beginning of the hype cycle for many fans. As announcements for guests and events continue to roll in, those who follow the news regularly will take notice and inevitably spread the news on social media, or amongst their circles of friends. As the announcements accelerate and the convention grows nearer, attention builds, as the message solidifies and more people talk amongst each other. The story they’re telling, that it will be an “unprecedented event” or the event’s “premier convention.” They’re creating a narrative that the onlookers will find satisfaction and fun in their product.

Of course, the story is put to the test when the guests walk into the door, and the story either solidifies itself as a fantastic advertisement, or falls apart as a filthy lie. And, while it may seem like somewhat of a waste to push an event this far out, it does make logical sense to start extending the feelers to get those who may be paying attention.