Nami ThinkingWith the new year approaching, approaching, we’ve entered a general lull in operations. The combination of two major holidays, and a rare end-of-year work spike led to a general drought in content for the past week or so. However, I don’t intend for things to stay this way.

In the past year, we at the Herald have grown and changed greatly, both in our content and scope. What began as a collection of my own writings and musings has started a shift toward a larger, more meaningful publication. We’ve received a great response from our hiring drive, and we’ll be announcing at least one new member come the new year.

So, while we will inevitably hit hiccups and the inevitable growing pains, we will always strive to deliver the greatest experience possible. I do hope that you’ll continue to enjoy our content, and I thank you for your continued readership..May you all have a happy and safe new year.