Churuya ProclamationOver the past few months, I’m sure you’ve noticed that article production has been, well… erratic. Since the industry’s entered its winter lull, I’ve found myself scrounging for content, pushing late nights as I struggle to find the perfect content for articles. At the same time, there is much work to be done in other areas of the site. We have interviews and reviews to port to our new formats, and other maintenance tasks that need to be done. At the same time, we have numerous larger projects in the works, from Project S (Yes, this is still a thing!), to the beginner’s guide, to other long-form content that includes an untranscribed interview from the recent past.

Since I’d like to bring these pieces to fruition, I’m going to be making an alteration to the schedule. If you recall, during development, I took one night per week to dedicate solely to upgrades to the Anime Herald framework. Starting next week, I’ll be bringing this back in full force. One night per week, I’ll be dedicating a night to these long-form pieces. At the same time, I’ll be using these days to conference with the active writers, and ensure that we’re all on the same page with our active projects.

I’m hoping that this temporary change will allow the Herald to grow further, both in the quality and breadth of our content. I thank you in advance for your patience, and apologize for the inconvenience.