Right Stuf will release Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) under their Lucky Penny label on March 5. For the upcoming release, we received the privilege of a review screener. Since we received the whole package, I felt that it would be best if we take a closer look at the release.


The series is packed in a single Litebox styled keepcase. The front cover features a shot of Fumi and Akira standing against a stark white background that transitions into a muted grey near the bottom. The back uses a shot of the two girls against a grouping of pastel watercolor-styled flowers.Each of the three discs features a line-art drawng of a key location from the show.

Aoi Hana Teardown 005Aoi Hana Teardown 008Aoi Hana Teardown 009
 Aoi Hana Teardown 012 Aoi Hana Teardown 015 Aoi Hana Teardown 015

Menu Structure

Note: Since the release has a consistent look & feel across most discs, I will only be covering the first and sixth discs. Further dissections would be redundant.

The front menu for each disc is set against a piece of watercolor art that features one of the major characters from the series. Menu selections are set in a block of whitespace to the left of the artwork. The scene selection menu places two stills from the relevant episode in the middle of the screen, and wraps major selections around them. The chapter selections are set to the top, while episode lists are placed beneath the images.

Aoi Hana Teardown - Menu 001Aoi Hana Teardown - Menu 002Aoi Hana Teardown - Menu 003


Aside from the standard clean opening, clean closing, and trailers, Lucky Penny’s release of Sweet Blue Flowers features the following:

  • Japanese TV spots
  • Character Art Gallery (navigable)
  • Lucky Penny Release Trailer

Video Quality

Aoi Hana Teardown - Screen 005Aoi Hana Teardown - Screen 004 Aoi Hana Teardown - Screen 003
 Aoi Hana Teardown - Screen 006 Aoi Hana Teardown - Screen 001 Aoi Hana Teardown - Screen 002


Sweet Blue Flowers is an appealing, minimalist release. The clean outer presentation and gorgeous watercolor menus work well in the context of the series, and consistently appeal on a visual level.