Nami ThinkingOver the past few weeks, I’ve been taking Monday nights off to work on what I called “extended projects.” If you recall, I mentioned that these projects were long-form, multi-layered affairs that would take more than the average evening to complete. And, if you recall, I’d be trying to deliver content as early as possible.

Unfortunately, this strategy fell through the cracks a bit. Not for the lack of trying, but for the fact that, in the past two weeks, a lot has happened over at Herald Headquarters.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in talks with a few people – writers, experts, fans, even just random people for input on a few matters. And, in that time frame, things have begun to happen on a number of levels. The gears have begun moving, and the irons are now in the fire, as I, and the rest of the Herald crew, enter a new chapter of our organization’s existence. I’m not ready to make concrete announcements, but I hope to do so in the next few weeks.

I’m not going to lie – things will change in a few ways. However, I’m confident that we’ll be able to continue forward, and that we’ll keep delivering the content that will inform and entertain you, dear readers. I do hope that, as we grow and change, you continue to give us the support that you’ve given over the past three years. Once everything is cleared for announcement, you will be the first to know.