Right Stuf will release Hyakko! on DVD under their Lucky Penny brand on April 2. The series, which originally aired 2008, will be the first moe title to be released under the Lucky Penny brand.

We received the privilege of a review screener for the series last week. Since we received the whole entire product, I felt that we should do a full tear-down. (Click images for larger versions)


The front box art features a piece of key art with the four main characters set in the style of a casual photo. The image is set to a background that fades from orange to white, with white and black “stars” dotting it.

The back, which is oriented horizontally rather than vertically, features a color shot of Torako, as well as several uncolored shots of other cast members set to the same “starry orange” motif at the front. Five shots from the show are placed on the left side. The show’s description is featured on a grey “card” on the right side, and the feature lists occupy a pair of “cards” at the bottom of the case, giving the overall presentation a “scrapbook” feel.

Each of the three discs inside the case uses the following format:

One piece of key art is set to the left side of the disc.
The title, disc number, and other information occupies a block to on the right side of the disc.
The background is comprised of grid-like squares, with each disc featuring a different color. Disc 1 is Yellow/Orange, Disc 2 is Blue, Disc 3 is Orange.

Hyakko Teardown - Package 002Hyakko Teardown - Package 001Hyakko Teardown - Package 003
 Hyakko Teardown - Package 004 Hyakko Teardown - Package 005 Hyakko Teardown - Package 006

Menu Structure

Note: Since the release has a consistent look & feel across the discs, I will only be covering the first and sixth discs. Further dissections would be redundant.

The front menu features the list of core options set to the same motif as the disc art. The left side is occupied by an angled “photo-styled” piece of key art, while the options themselves occupy a card directly next to it. The show’s logo occupies the space just above the menu options.

Episode menus feature the core options set on the left, while four images from the episode occupy the right third of the screen. Links to each episode are set at the top of the menu box, while chapters are listed directly beneath the episode selections.

The Extras menu features a shot of Torako on the left, while selections are placed at the center of the screen.

 Hyakko Teardown - Menu 001Hyakko Teardown - Menu 002Hyakko Teardown - Menu 004
 Hyakko Teardown - Menu 004

Extra Features

Aside from the standard textless opening and closing, Lucky Penny’s release of Hyakko! features the TV versions of the clean opening and closing, as well as liner notes and the original US trailer for the show.

Hyakko Teardown - Extras 001

Video Presentation

Hyakko Teardown - Screen 002Hyakko Teardown - Screen 001Hyakko Teardown - Screen 003
 Hyakko Teardown - Screen 005 Hyakko Teardown - Screen 006 Hyakko Teardown - Screen 004


On the whole, Hyakko!‘s release proves to be an eye-catching. The bright orange color draws the eye to it, while the busy scrapbook presentation conveys the generally carefree nature of the show.