Nami ThinkingFirst of all, I’d like to wish everybody reading a happy holiday! I hope that you are enjoying time, whether it’s with family, or having some quiet time alone.

At Herald Headquarters, things have been busy, indeed. Friday, we hosted an interview with a special guest, which we’ll be posting as soon as we can.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you recall, last year, we spent some time covering RI Comic Con. And, while we were happy to cover the event, we received a good amount of feedback stating that we should keep that sort of thing separate from the anime world. I took that feedback to heart, and I must admit that I agree.Today, I am pleased to announce that our sister site, Order of the Nerd has gone live. This is a joint project between myself, and one of our esteemed guest contributors that focuses on everything geek: Comics, cartoons, horror flicks, sci-fi… this is the realm where the other niches will come out to play. I hope that you will add it to your regular reading list.