Welcome back to another journey through Sakura Wars! You must’ve thought this column was dead, right? That it wasn’t just sleeping, and that nice Mr. Ferreira didn’t really bring it to a farm where good little columns go to play with all the others?

Well, you thought wrong! Turns out, I’m just terrible with time management. And, while we haven’t seen Project S in a while, it’ alive and well, and ready to give more Taisho era goodness! Last time, we saw Ohgami deliver a verbal beat-down to drama queen prima donna Sumire Kanzaki. What will he do next?

Sakura Wars LP 0019

Ohgami starts things off by getting his swagger on as he makes his way to Yoneda’s office. Look at that 32-bit swag – we all know he just needs a cane and a purple suit, and he’d be Lord Pimpington… nevermind that he’s wearing something completely different from his military uniform at this point.

That is, until he arrives at Yoneda’s office door.

Sakura Wars LP 0019c

SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform002 … … Here we are, office of the Imperial Assault Brigade chief, Lt. General Ikki Yoneda…
SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform002 Liutenant General Ikki Yoneda… he was an active tactician in the Russo-Japanese War… What kind of person is he?
SWLP_MariaProfile001 Who are you?

Sakura Wars LP 0022

Explanation Time: Maria Tachibana – Bachelorette # 4 – A former soldier for the Russian military. Her chilly demeanor is matched only by her skills with artillery. What? Who was #3? Iris! Look, I know it’s… don’t look at me that way. >_> Moving on…

SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform001 I would like to meet with the great Lieutenant General Yoneda.
 SWLP_MariaProfile001 So you’re Ensign Ohgami, the new transfer.
 SWLP_MariaProfile001  I’m Maria Tachibana.
 SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform002  Maria Tachibana…


Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

Explanation Time: This is a Click LIPS. Players progress the story by clicking body parts, which prompts observations and reactions from Ohgami.

Sakura Wars LP 0024

Click for larger image.

Yes, they even accounted for that area… which prompts more amusing reactions. Look at those eyes! They know you want to peep… and they’re silently judging you with that shifty-eyed look.  However, since we don’t want Ohgami to get shot in the face our hero to lose the respect of his comrades early, we won’t push this far yet.

Click Hair

Sakura Wars LP 0025

Click for larger image.

First Click:

SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform002 Her hair is such a vivid shade of platinum blonde.


Click Eyes

Sakura Wars LP 0026  Sakura Wars LP 0027

First Click:

SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform002 She has lovely green eyes.

Second Click:

SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform002 She has such a serious expression…



Sakura Wars LP 0028 Sakura Wars LP 0029


SWLP_MariaProfile001 Lt. General Yoneda is in the Manger’s Office. I need to get to practice, so if you’ll excuse me…
SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform001 She seemed like a pretty strict person. Still, it finally feels like I’ve met someone actually belongs in the military.
SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform001 Wait, did she say, “practice”? Was she talking about some training drill?
SWLP_OhgamiProfile_Uniform001 Anyway, I can finally have this meeting with Lt. General Yoneda.


Next time: We finally meet the man himself! Will he live up the legend, or were the stories all but mere fairy tales? And, what the heck is going on with this place?! Tune in next time… which definitely won’t have a six month delay!