Haruhi I Want You SOS DanAs an anime fan settles into his hobby, it’s not uncommon for him to find a fairly consistent comfort zone. These are the genres and titles that will, with almost perfect certainty, be a match for the viewer’s taste, regardless of quality. They’re safe, they’re reliable and, given enough time, they’re boring.

I don’t speak for everybody, but I’m the type of person that craves a bit of variety, a bit of risk in his anime viewing. I like the fact that, out of every show I buy, there’s a chance that it’ll stink to the point that I wouldn’t screen it near an open flame. While it means that not every show I come across will be a winner, it also means that the gems will shine more brightly, and the experience will never fall into the doldrums of mediocrity, since there’s the potential for both highs and lows.

I’m also one who probably has a bit too much faith in humanity for my age, and I’ve been known to do a few particularly brash things. Notably, I’ve been one to put blind trust in the recommendations of strangers, which has yielded a number of … “interesting” results, for better or worse. Still, I can rarely say that these ventures are a disappointing experience.

So, tonight, I’d like to try again. Below, I’ve provided a poll of five titles from our backlog. I’d like your opinion on what I should tackle next – so feel free to cast your vote and see if it comes out on top!

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Voting Ends Monday at 5:00PM, EST.