Sentai Filmworks LogoAt their panel at Anime Boston 2013, Sentai Filmworks announced that they acquired the domestic rights to several new titles. The company revealed that they will release the following:

  • DiGi Charat
  • Gatchaman TV series and the 1994/1995 OVAs
  • Godannar

Sentai’s DiGi Charat license includes the original TV series, the OVAs that accompanied the series, and the 2006 Winter Garden special.

Gatchaman will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray. While the OVAs will be bundled with the Gatchaman TV release, they will also be offered separately, for those who previously purchased the TV series during its original release.  Godannar is a license rescue, which was originally released by ADV Films.

All of the announced releases will hit stores in October.