Anime Boston 2013 - Zach - 103The curtain has fallen on another year of Anime Boston. What was once seen as “the little con that could” has grown into a true behemoth, with over 21,000 attendees, even though it’s never shaken its inclusive, small-con feel. And, after what feels like an eternity of poring over the tyrannical white screen of the text editor, we’ve managed to post nearly two dozen articles, hundreds of photographs, and every bit of relevant news that was fit to print.

Mind you, that doesn’t include the interviews I’m transcribing this week!

As I sit here, I can’t help but do so with a bit of amusement on my part. At the close of every year,I find myself tired, stressed, and generally burned out. I’ll have spent countless hours snapping photos, attending panels, and taking notes. The hurried rushes from one room to the next seem agonizingly long, and four-letter words will often escape under my breath as  I scramble from one destination to the next. The Prudential Center becomes my home away from home, as I work into the early hours of the morning on article transcriptions. By the end, I trudge to my room, welcoming the embrace of those scant few hours of sleep. I hate it all, but at the same time, I love it.

Yes, you hear me say this every single year, but it never makes the statement less true. I love being able to explore the convention, to tell the world about everything that goes on, and to share interesting stories, or fantastic news with you, dear reader. I love soaking in the natural electricity that seems to buzz through the air of these events, and to find new ways to describe it. I love being a part of the experience, and seeing just how fantastic it can be to be an anime fan in this day and age!


And, while I enjoy partaking of panels and seeing the sights, and while I absolutely love being able to meet people (famous or otherwise) nothing brings me more joy than sitting behind my desk to share my experiences the world.


And, for the eleventh year running, I want to thank way too many people. There are always too many to list, but I’ll do my best to name the big ones:


  • The Anime Boston staff: Your tireless dedication and professional conduct allow the con to function smoothly. People may not always see the effects of your hard work, but know that it’s always appreciated.
  • Shinichi Watanabe (Nabeshin): Thank you for a fantastic interview. May you go forth in good health, and may your afro never lose its magnificence.

  • Tomohiko Ito and Shinichiro Kashiwada: Thank you for a fantastic interview. May your next title reach the same heights as Sword Art Online.

  • Patrick D and Jekka from The Chibi Project, for another year of hilarious toy torture.

  • Sam Kusek and Ken Haley, being the best panel co-hosts one could hope for, and for just being awesome. Thanks again for the opportunity to share a spot on the panel with the both of you. It was a ton of fun, and I hope we can do it again Anime Boston 2014!

  • The hundreds of cosplayers that go above and beyond to deliver their best year after year.

  • You, dear reader, for reading this year’s feature. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Anime Boston 2014 is already scheduled, and will be held from March 21-23. You can count on me being there once again, ready and willing to devote countless hours toward delivering the finest content possible.

Until next time, this is Mike Ferreira, signing off.