Churuya ProclamationToday, I’d like to share some news with you, readers. Some of you may find it good, others will scream bloody murder at the very thought of it. Today, Anime Herald signed on with Rush Media as a publisher. They’ll be providing a lot of our advertisement content going forward, which makes my life a bit easier since I don’t have to keep chasing leads!

In addition, signing with a network allows us to maintain our integrity, and to continue to serve our Ethics Statement. Rush Media will be taking the role of Advertising Manager, in this case, which will free us from the burdens of potential conflicts of interest..

On the downside, there will be an increase in adverts on the site. We will double our placements to four:

  • Two banners – one at the top of the page, one at the bottom
  • Two squares (or a skyscraper and a square – depending on the promotion) – one above the fold, one below

The money will go into the site. It will cover the regular costs of growing the site – bandwidth, domain names, advertising, and design upgrades… among many other things behind the scenes.

Now, I’ve said it thousands of times before: I’m not a person that likes seeing ads pollute a site. I know that, if it gets to be too much, it will turn readers away. That’s why I’m going to be careful in the application and, more important, I’m going to ask all of you to provide feedback. If it gets to be a burden, let me know – the advertisers aren’t the ones that will be coming here day in and day out to read content. You are. And to me, you, readers, are more important.

As always, I thank you for your patience, and for your continued support. I hope we can continue to create content that you enjoy going forward.