Churuya ProclamationAbout one and a half weeks ago, we reported on a bit of news that caught many of you by surprise. We announced that we had signed the proverbial “deal with the devil”, so to speak, as we signed on with an advertising network. And, with the network, we revealed that we’d see an increase in ads to four total placements, up from the two we held previously.

Since then, the sky hasn’t fallen, and the site, as we know it, hasn’t really changed much. We’re still delivering content at the same pace, and we’re still not willing to hold our punches on anything we discuss. Hopefully, in these two weeks, we’ve been able to lay your fears to rest.

Unfortunately, we’re going to be making a few more changes in the near future.

Unlike the advertisement deal we signed, these will be more benign in nature. I’ll be taking steps to ensure that, as a site, we have the infrastructure in place to keep growing, and keep introducing more readers to our fold.  These tweaks will be minor, but I feel that they’ll contribute greatly to the character and feel of our publication.

As always, I want to thank you for your continued readership. For, without you, there is no Anime Herald.