HeraChanBefore we begin, I’ll admit that this is a bit unusual for my usual posting schedule. For one, the sun is still up, and two, I’m not scrambling to get something in before midnight!

But I digress.

I want to give a brief heads-up to everybody, and give word that updates will be a bit erratic through the week. I’m being sent to San Francisco to attend Microsoft’s Build conference. For those that don’t know, Build is a convention held by Microsoft every year, where they pack thousands of developers into a convention center to exhibit their latest wares and offer training courses. It’s said to be a fun weekend and a must-go for any software engineer.

So, while I will still be reporting and writing, things will be a bit funky. I’m due to catch a plane at 5, which arrives in San Francisco at midnight (my time). We’ll still be tweeting and posting to the Facebook pages when we can, and I’ll be working to deliver more quality content on the Herald.

My apologies in advance, since things just got a bit crazier. However, I hope you do still look forward to what we have to offer this week!