Viz Guest BadgeAs many of you know, last week we took to sunny California to attend Microsoft’s build conference. While we were at the event, we spent our days soaking in the knowledge of Microsoft’s top coders as we networked with thousands of fellow programmers and partook of some incredible local cuisine.

However, that’s not to say we didn’t take some time to explore the west coast anime scene! Before we departed, I met with Charlene Ingram, Viz Media’s director of marketing at the company’s headquarters. There, she guided me on a short tour of the facility.

The office was buzzing with activity, as everybody was in a hurry to get ready for this week’s Anime Expo. Through the facility, though, there was a level of energy and passion that I don’t often see.  Whether it was the “bro row” of digital goods or the tireless crusades of the Neon Alley crew, everyone was thrilled to be bringing anime to the masses. The visit was a fantastic opportunity, and I want to thank everybody at Viz for the pleasure of the meeting!

Regular updates will resume tomorrow. Thank you, readers, for your patience during this hectic week!