Comic-Con_logoOver the next four days, tens of thousands of people will descend upon San Diego for Comic-Con. Every brand of geek, from the gamers, to the comic nerds, to the anime fans will converge upon the San Diego Convention Center where, for but one weekend, the lines that separate our countless hobbies will melt away. It won’t matter that a person likes My Little Pony, Kingdom Hearts, or Dr. Who. It won’t matter if a person collects Monster High dolls or high-grade action figures. For this one weekend, everybody in attendance will just be part of The Nerd Herd, as they shop, scout for autographs, attend panels, or simply just revel in the atmosphere.

Over this weekend, though, we also see announcements rush from the floor at a dizzying pace. Every company in attendance, from Marvel to FUNimation, will be presenting their finest, as they try to capture the valuable attention of those attending the event, and those reading the updates from the comforts of their homes. And, as one would expect, every geek-focused website, from IGN to ANN, will be abuzz with every announcement and revelation that’s revealed.

Unfortunately, since Anime Herald is still an incredibly small outlet, we’re limited in our capacities in what can be┬áreported from the show. We won’t have people on the floor, and we won’t be┬ábreathlessly live-blogging panels. However, I do hope that you will continuee to join us in the coming days, as it will be business as usual at The Herald. And, in the next few days, I hope that we can provide content that is insightful and informative. I know that, in this weekend especially, your attention will be short, and the distractions will be high. With that in mind, I thank you especially for your continued readership.