Anime Sols LogoEarlier today, I received an e-mail from Anime Sols regarding their Creamy Mami drive. The letter, in its entirety, is published below:


Dear Supporters of Creamy Mami,

About 12 hours before the deadline, Creamy Mami met its funding goal on Anime Sols, which means all of your pledges should now have been charged to your credit cards.

Over the next week we’ll be sending out emails verifying your information as well as asking for any information we need from you, such as the name/message you’d like to appear in the DVD in some cases.
We’ll then send out periodic updates on the status of the DVD production. We anticipate that the production of the first set will take about 3 months, however delays are quite possible as this is our first time and it may take a bit to get the work-flow set up. We’ll make sure to keep you informed.

We’ll continue to upload new episodes each week, and the goal for Set 2 will be started in mid August. Perhaps this goes without saying, but we’ll be counting on everyone to help Sets 2-4 succeed as well!

Thanks again everyone for your support, it’s given all of us here at Anime Sols a gift much more important than money… hope.

Anime Sols

Creamy Mami Funded  - 20130728Readers, if you look at this on the surface, this is the typical “Kickstarter Thank You” letter. A brief thank you, a mention of the project timeline, and plans for future funding drives in the series. However, the last line, more than any other, quite telling that this isn’t just the standard form letter.

When I interviewed  Sam Pinansky from Anime Sols, he stressed that the company’s “profitability is crucially dependent on goals being met regularly.” There was a cautious optimism through his answers, as he mentioned obstacles the company faced, and the very real challenges ahead. They had faith, and they had a message that they hoped would resonate with the masses. They spoke of reaching out to blue oceans of customers, and inspiring a market to believe in itself.

Until the final day, it was uncertain as to whether the title would be able to make its goal on Creamy Mami. As this was their best-performing title by a wide margin, it was their best chance to gain much-needed funding and to prove the viability of their model.

The company has many new challenges ahead. However, with the latest goal met, they are better-equipped to face them.  How things progress in the long-term have yet to be seen. However, with this success and nearly $22,000 in funding, the Anime Sols folks have much to be hopeful about.