AD LogoA few days ago, Anime Dream went offline for good. After over a decade of operation and thousands of articles, the Dream was finally over.

While Anime Dream’s officially been closed since last August, we really hadn’t reached that point of “finality.” The site was still online, the links worked as they always did, and even the back-end was fully functional. If we really wanted to, we could start production at any point and continue as if nothing had happened. With the site finally down for good, though, it’s just… gone. The articles, the interviews, even the news posts are little more than shadows of the past.

At this point, I feel that it’s time that I take the opportunity and put Anime Dream behind me entirely. Anime Herald is our new home now, and I plan on making it the best damn anime site that I can. I want to carry on the legacy of Anime Dream, and push a vision that encompasses what we grow to love about the site, while we distance ourselves from the pitfalls that stunted our growth. I want the Herald to grow, to thrive, and to welcome all that visit. I want everybody to enjoy themselves, and to find our content so damn irresistible that people won’t be able to help telling the whole damn world about it.

I know that we have a long way to go before this goal becomes a reality. However, we have a great crew and some of the best damn readers in the world. Together, I know that we’ll be able to overcome the challenges ahead. That will arise in the near future, though. Tonight, it just feels right that we take a moment to reflect on how Anime Dream changed the lives of a handful of unusually passionate anime fans.

So long, Anime Dream. Thanks for the memories, and countless unforgettable experiences. You will be missed.