President 001Over the weekend, we’ll be hosting what I like to call a “meeting of minds” at Herald Headquarters. By this, I mean that I’ll be gathering several folks, from close colleagues, to former coworkers in the field, to discuss how Anime Herald should grow and evolve. Some will be here, seated around my table, while others will be present via Skype or other telephony. This is the first time that I’m hosting such a meeting in our three years of operation and, hopefully, it won’t be our last.

While we’ve been around for three years, we’re just starting to get our bearings, and push toward actual, sustainable growth. And, in a situation like this, it’s important to gather insight from those who have been through similar situations in the past. Anybody who’s tried an entrepreneurial venture knows which pitfalls will arise, which growing pains tend to appear, and which problems an organization must face going forward. Having these outside perspectives, as you’d figure, will help us to better prepare for the bumpy road ahead.

Overall, though, I’m hoping that these meetings will help us to help you, readers. As I’ve said in the past time and time again, an organization cannot and will not survive if it doesn’t help its readers, customers, or whatever it happens to serve. While we’ve done our best to serve your needs, I always feel that there’s room for improvement. I’m hoping that, with the aid of a fresh set of eyes, we can continue to improve, continue to grow, and most important, continue to serve your needs as both a reader and as an anime fan.

We have a long way to go, before we hit that magic point. You know the one: the day where we’re entertaining readers by the hundred-thousands daily, and we’re bringing in enough cash to turn Anime Herald into a full-time deal. With each step, though, that distance grows smaller. And, in time, I hope that we’ll be able to turn this distant hope, this far-fetched fantasy, into a dream come true. We’ve all worked hard to get to this point. We’ve clawed and scraped every little inch to gain your trust, and your readership. And, for everything, I want to say “thanks.” Thanks to our readers for placing their trust in our word, thanks to our writers, for their phenomenal work, and thanks to you, dear reader, for sticking with us through the good times and the bad. Without you, there is no “us.” And without the “us,” Anime Herald just doesn’t exist. So again, thank you.