HeraChanEarlier today, we finally pulled the curtain back on Anime Herald’s fourth revision. And, as many have already noticed, we’ve overhauled the interface and streamlined many of the more common features of the site. At the same time, we’ve greatly brought down the page load time, and done everything possible to make your reading experience more pleasant.

Before you begin, yes, we’ve had four revisions. We began on Thesis in 2010, then moved to the StartBox framework in 2011, then to Genesis five months later. In 2012, we adopted our previous theme which, at the time, was suitable for our needs. It may seem a bit excessive, but I’m of the mind that changes are needed, if we want to improve. As Pearl Jam famously said once: that’s evolution, baby!

This time around, our biggest needs arose in speed and mobile responsiveness. With the growth of the portable market, having a mobile-responsive design is becoming increasingly important to both developers and to users. We, on the content side, want you to enjoy reading our site anywhere, while you want the ability to check our updates on everything from your computer to your iPad, to your smartphone. This isn’t something we can just slap together, though. It takes a bit of planning, and a hefty amount of clever coding. For our purposes, we partnered with a professional group to get the look we wanted, while also ensuring that you get the grade-A experience you deserve.

Anyway, enough tech talk! I want to thank you for your patience during our down-time today. And, on top of that, I hope you enjoy our new look! Let us know what you think, either in the comments, over social media.

And, as always, thank you for your continued readership. You are our lifeblood, and without you, there is no Anime Herald.