Doctor Who Anime CybermanLast month, Erin mused about what form a hypothetical blending of Doctor Who and anime could take. Like peanut butter and chocolate, she dreamed of a work that could bring the world of the TARDIS, The Doctor, and the many ne’er-do-wells he faces to life in true Japanese fashion. At that point, we had no clue that someone had thought the same thing, and put his own spin on the idea.

Not long ago, we came across a twelve-minute short by animator Paul Johnson (better known as Alponk45) that brings the Doctor’s world to life in the style of an ’80s anime series. The short is epic, if short tale that involves The Doctor, Cybermen, and even the Daleks! On top of this, the dialogue is composed almost entirely of clips from classic Doctor Who episodes. It’s enough to make Whovians squeal with delight.  But don’t take my word for it. Check it out below!