It’s a fact of life that not every anime title gets produced. Throughout history, there have been hundreds, if not thousands of concepts that will never see the light of day. Every so often, though, a concept escapes and makes its way into the eager hands of the subculture at large. While many of these are fairly unexciting in nature, there are some shows that will make fans turn their heads and utter a collective “What the hell?!”

A few days ago, Ain’t It Cool unveiled a number of pieces concept art for Snake, a cancelled series that would star Snake Plissken of Escape From New York fame. The series, which would have been produced by Production I.G., would have taken place in Las Vegas at some point, and would feature the following characters:

  • Snake Plissken
  • Sky Malone, a non-specific female character
  • Suger & Spice, a pair of provocative female characters
  • The President
  • Ein Stein, a young male child
  • Moses, an older gentleman
  • Colonel Law, a non-specific male character
  • Biggs, a scarred, imposing male
  • Rombo, a laid-back male character
  • Nasty Nate, a heavily bandaged, bat-wielding figure

We’ve provided a few pieces below. However, we do recommend that you check Ain’t It Cool’s article for the full collection, at full resolution.