Over the past weekend, we were fortunate enough to cover Rhode Island Comic Con 2013. And with any convention, there’s swag to be had. Rather than keep all the goodies to ourselves, though, we worked extra hard to bring a slice of the con to you. We got together with a few presenters to put together a prize package for a lucky reader!

One winner will receive a T-shirt (size Men’s XL) from the Apple Kissa Maid Cafe, as well as IDW’s Ghostbusters: Times Scare! and IDW’s Powerpuff Girls volume #2. In addition, the winner will receive a special, one-of-a-kind edition of Robot God Akamatsu volume 1. The volume up for grabs offering is signed by co-creators James Biggie and Frankie B. Washington. In addition, the last page has a special sketch of the great Robot God by Biggie himself! We’ve included photos of the signing below, as proof of authenticity.

How do I Win?

Entering is easy! All you need to do is submit your information using the form below. We’ll contact winners after the contest ends, and send prizes shortly afterwards. Best of luck, everybody!

The entry period is over. Thanks for your interest!

Entrants must be residents of North America (United States, Canada, & Mexico). Submissions must be posted by 11:59PM on Noember 9, 2013.

Thanks to Apple Kissa Cafe, and an extra-giant thanks to Frankie B. Washington & James Biggie of Robot God Akamatsu!