The Power Rangers panel was, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating events at RI Comic Con 2013. What began as a general Q&A panel quickly grew into something far more raucous and powerful, as an energy seemed to fill the room. Jokes and snark were thrown about with reckless abandon, both by the panelists and the members of the audience. Questions ranged from the offbeat, to the serious, and topics touched included everything from favorite TV shows, to details on the business side of Saban. It never felt like a heavy-handed discussion, though. The panelists, especially Schrier and Narvy, were able to dissect the most cumbersome topics, and spin them into stories that anyone could digest and appreciate.To preserve the tone and humor of the panel, we’ve transcribed the dialogue of the Q&A session, as well as David Yost’s introductory message. We hope that you enjoy it!

Announcer: Unfortunately, he can’t stay for the whole panel, but I think you may know him as Billy. Ladies and gentlemen, David Yost! (Audience cheers and applauds)

RI Comic Con 2013 - Day 2 - John - 015David Yost: Thank you! Oh my god, there’s so many people! It’s really nice of you guys to show up. I do want to apologize in advance, I have to catch a very early flight. So… (pauses, intercom announcements can be heard being piped in through the PA. The crowd laughs after a moment) Something about walking on the sidewalk on Salem Street… (audience laughs) So anyways, I do have to get to Boston to catch my flight back to Los Angeles tonight. So I just, I wanted to come and say “hi”, and thank you all for coming to the Rhode Island Comic Con. We greatly appreciate it. I certainly greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you! (audience applauds) Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for being long-time fans, a lot of you for 20 years. That’s totally awesome, and totally unexpected on my part. Who would’ve thought, when I started this crazy, cheesy job (audience laughs) that it would’ve turned into this big, awesome opportunity to continue to meet people all across the world. So I just wanted to say hi, and thank you. Enjoy the panel with the rest of the people that worked on Power Rangers, and we certainly greatly appreciate you guys being fans. So thank you very much! (Audience cheers and applauds as Yost makes his exit)

Announcer: Those of you who weren’t here last year, David Yost was also here last year, so he is one of the Power Rangers that has been at both of the Rhode Island annual Comic Cons today. We hope we get him here next year, and every year after that! But as he leaves, send him off with a big round of applause! (audience cheers and applauds)

Awesome! So, my name is Cass DiCarvallo, and I am a writer, I am a life-long comic book fan, I am a big fan of the Power Rangers. Got a blog on that. (Audience cheers) And I have the great honor of moderating the panel today! So let me just do a couple of quick ground rules, let you know how it’s gonna go. What I’m gonna have them do is come up on stage, introduce themselves. I am gonna take maybe ten, maybe fifteen minutes just to run them through some questions that I have. And then what I’d love to do is have an open conversation with the audience.

If you’ve got a good pair of lungs, I will call on you as I see hands up. You can ask questions from where you’re sitting. There’s also a microphone set up right here. If you wanna line up, or come and have your question run through the microphone, please feel free to do so. I am generally going to give precedence to the people that are on the microphone, because they took the time to come up here and stand up, I’m going to try and make sure they get their questions answered. Otherwise, I will call on you as I see hands, and I’ll try and work my way around the room. GOt it? (Audience cheers) Excellent! so I’m gonna have everybody come in at once, let’s raise the roof! Alright? Bring ’em in! (Audience cheers and screams as the panelists make their way to the front)

Announcer: Awesome! Keep raising the roof! (Audience cheers)

Paul Schrier: What’s happenin’, Rhode Island?! (Audience cheers)

Announcer: Awesomee! Listen, with this many of you onstage, what I’d like to do is have you introduce yourself, we’ll start on that end, over here-

Paul Schrier: Hi, I’m Austin St. John! (Audience laughs) These Guns!

Jason Narvy: I’m Amy Jo Johnson! (Audience laughs)

Kerrigan Mahan: Kerrigan Mahan! (Audience cheers)

Barbara Goodson: (Imitating Rita Repulsa) Barbara Goodson! (Audience cheers)

Nakia Burrise: (Beat Boxes) My name’s Nakia Ba-ba-ba-bee! (Audience cheers)

Kat Sutherland: Hi, I’m Kat Sutherland! (Audience cheers)

Steve Cardenas: Hey, I’m Steve Cardenas, AKA Rocky the Red Ranger, (Audience cheers) AKA Blue Zeo Ranger Three! Thank you!

RI Comic Con 2013 - Power Ranger Panel 003Announcer: Outstanding! As I was just explaining to the audience, I am just gonna ask a couple of quick questions. You guys step up if you feel like answering. Let’s just have a conversation. We’ll do that for a couple of minutes, and then I’m gonna open up to questions from the audience. You guys game?

Kat Sutherland: Great!

Nakia Burrise: Game!

Announcer: Excellent. First of all, welcome to the second Rhode Island Comic Con. We are absolutely delighted to have you here!

Kat Sutherland: Thank you!

Nakia Burrise: Thank you!

Announcer: The first question’s a simple one. I mean, you know, those of us who grew up watching you guys on a screen, it looks like so much fun, being up there doing what you do, what you did. So was it, or was it a ginormous pain in the tuchus? (Audience laughs)

Kat Sutherland: Both! (laughs)

Nakia Burrise: I had a phenomenal time! It was the first show that I ever-

Announcer: Oh, we lost your mic! Hang on! (Panelists laugh) Super powers!

Jason Narvy: I’ll speak for Nakia!

Paul Schrier: The dangers of beat boxing!

Jason Narvy: Nakia had a wonderfully horrible time. She disliked most of the rangers. (Audience laughs) She ah, I’m reading her lips right now, couldn’t stand Kathering Sutherland or Steve Cardenas, who still owes her money! Um, wow, that’s… that was very brave of Nakia! Give her a round of applause! (Audience applauds)

Nakia Burrise: Thank you, Jason, for being my voice. I had a great time on Power Rangers, it’s pretty loud, huh? (drops her voice two octaves) I had a great time on Power Rangers. (voice returns to normal) No, I had a phenomenal time! I worked with a really great cast. Catherine and I have become just extraordinary friends, and Steve, and it was a great time! We were like siblings on the show, so we had a lot of great moments and a lot of Bulk and Skull moments. (Audience laughs) Yeah…

Announcer: Was it all fun, so what was the most difficult part? I mean, you guys? Was it scheduling? Was it the physicality of it? Anybody have any stories of days you’d rather not be there?

Barbara Goodson: Wearing that costume! It was very very heavy! (Audience laughs) I just want to clarify that for all of you who don’t know. I never wore the costume. I was the voice of Rita, not the woman in the costume. She was Asian. (Audience laughs)

Kerrigan Mahan: Same with my character! (Audience laughs) Little Asian woman!

Jason Narvy: I had ah, ah, 300-pound piece of meat thrown at me on twice-daily basis. That was difficult! (Audience laughs) Big hefty bag of meat!

Paul Schrier: Yeah, these are first world problems, brother! (Audience laughs)

Jason Narvy: Anywhere else, I’d be a king! Like, “Look at all of my meat!” His name was Paul! I brought him to the feast!

Steve Cardenas: I think, there was, one of the things that was kind of difficult for me, was we always had to be at makeup for five o’clock in the morning! Like, every single time. And then we wouldn’t shoot sometimes, ’til, like, nine, ten o’clock in the morning, sometimes! We’d sit around for, like, four hours, while they were setting stuff up. So, you know, you could have called us in maybe at eight o’clock, maybe?

Paul Schrier: But you know, Stevie, Stevie, the point was that they were, you were ready when they needed you. Not vice versa.

Steve Cardenas: Oh! Right! Is that how it goes? Okay, I gotcha! (Audience laughs)

Paul Schrier: You know, they say that about show business, right? “Hurry up and wait?” Yeah, it’s about the truest thing ever said about our business.

Jason Narvy: Well the funny thing too, is, we’d be there so early, you know, and they get us into makeup and we wait around so long. We go back to our back to our dressing rooms, and sometimes fall asleep! So then someone would show up the set with a big crease across their face that looked like a sofa cushion. And they’re out there like “Alright, alright, ready to shoot now!” (Audience laughs) That was fun!

Paul Schrier: We weren’t stoned, we were just sleeping. Sleeping!

Announcer: Go ahead, Kat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKat Sutherland: They used to dress the girls in skimpy clothes on freezing cold days. So that was hard for us to have to, like, be in shorts and look like we were fighting and stuff. And we were, like goosebumps and freezing! It was awful!

Announcer: As a fan, I enjoyed that part! (Audience laughs)

Steve Cardenas: Um, me too!

Barbara Goodson: They made me record naked! (Audience laughs and cheers) It’s a joke!

Kerrigan Mahan: All I heard was naked! Who said that? Barbara? Oh! (laughs)

Announcer: Let me ask this of the Rangers in particular. So I have Power Rangers to thank for now one of my life-long loves. I am a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which I know I share with you. (motions to Cardenas, audience applauds) So, that’s one of the reasons I got involved! And I’m curious about the training and the physicality that you had to do. Are you all martial artists, or are you gymnasts? How did you come into it?

Steve Cardenas: Well, I happened to be a martial artist. I started when I was twelve, and so by the time I got on the show I had already been trained for about eight years. And I also did gymnastics for a very long time. But everybody had their own unique talents! They specifically said, “what we’re looking for is we’re looking for people that know how to do martial arts, or gymnastics, or hip hop dancing!” And that’s, you know, that’s when I went to my American Idol audition, you know, and that’s pretty much what it was like! And there was, like, thousands of people there doing all different kinds of stuff. But yeah, the ones who got hired had all had different kinds of talents, such as-

Kat Sutherland: We were, I wasn’t a martial artist, I was a dancer, or (American accent) dancer. Sorry, my accent!

Nakia Burrise: (Mimics Kat) Dancer!

Kat Sutherland: Dancer! And, ah, I’ve just been in Australia, so my accent sounds a little thicker these days. And, yeah, so I had to come up with a martial arts routine, so I called a friend of mine that was a martial artist to help. It was very embarrassing! (laughs) And then when we got on the show, these guys, all the boys were so amazing at martial arts, and they really helped us a lot. And the stunt guys, too! So we kind of learned on the job.

Announcer: Nakia?

Nakia Burrise: I didn’t have to ah, I didn’t have to do, just on my resume it showed I was a dancer. But I didn’t have to do any kind of martial arts exhibit, or anything like that. No, I didn’t have to do any of that! They just knew I was awesome! I’m kidding. (Audience laughs) I’m kidding! Nonono, so I didn’t have to do any of that.

But I would like to say that, I remember various times on the show, Johnny just really sticks out in my head. ‘Cause all of them, Steve, Johnny, and Jason, you know, they’re all just phenomenal martial artists. And I remember Johnny would be flipping off trees, and off broomsticks, and, (laughs) And they’d be like “cut!” and Johnny’s over there jumping off a tree! They’re like “okay, Johnny! Come on back! Let’s film now!” But yeah, they’re phenomenal martial artists!

Barbara Goodson: I did vocal gymnastics. (Audience laughs)

Kerrigan Mahan: Ditto!

Jason Narvy: Well, Paul Schrier showed up, they asked him if he could bring his own skinny guy, and so he did! He kidnapped me. He put me in a van, and dragged me down to Culver City, California and said “Dance, monkey!” and I did for about seven years! (Audience laughs, Jason turns, Schrier had since left) Paulie? (yelps) Pauliieeeeeeeeeee! Don’t worry, he has a heart attack twice daily! Not a problem! (Schrier walks back in with coffee) Paulie? Cream! Paulie, please, for the love of… We’re trying to have a good time!

Paul Schrier: I did a coffee run. Does anybody need anything?

Announcer: My panelists are taking coffee breaks, apparently!

Kat Sutherland: You guys do not need coffee!

Jason Narvy: (laughs)

Announcer: Do not have a coffee fight! Please!

Jason Narvy: Oh my god, you know, first interview we ever did was with, ah, ah, what is it? Ah, TV Guide! And they made the mistake. We had our own dressing room, and they gave us a carafe of coffee in our dressing room! Paulie and I, our first things are, you know, thoughtful, and, “You know, we think Power Rangers is a cultural…” (sips coffee, starts talking super fast) “Phenomenon that I think that by the (sips) and we were screaming at the poor reporter by the end of it! Poor girl! … Ow, that’s hot! Owww! Agh! (flails about, licks tablecloth)

Paul Schrier: There’s a coffee machine in that hallway, and there’s a sign on it that says “Security: Do Not Turn Off Godzilla.” (Audience laughs) And this coffee machine is the size of a VW Bug! It is the master hotel coffee machine. And so, security, ’cause you know, they’re trying to be prudent. Obviously, that’s why it’s so hot and fresh! Hot and freshhhh

Announcer: Easy, easy!

Kerrigan Mahan: Thank you, Paulie.

Announcer: So let me open this up! I would like to start taking questions from the audience!. Anybody got a burning question to start? Whichever you want! I’ll repeat your question if you want to yell it to me, or you can go to the mic. If two people show up at the mic at the same time, I’m going to need you to fight, please!

Audience 1: I just want to take a moment to thank all of you guys. ‘Cause I grew up with you guys, and it was just me and my mom, and .

Steve Cardenas: Wicked awesome!

Audience 1: Wicked awesome, dude!

Steve Cardenas: Wicked awesome!

Audience 1: And it was just watching you guys helped raise me to be the person that I am today. And it made me want to go out and protect and defend, that’s why I joined the army, and that’s why I want to defend the country (applause)

Paul Schrier: Thank you for your service, brother!

Audience 1: Thank you! And, ah, I just want to know. Did you guys ever think that your characters would have that effect on someone, just at all?

Steve Cardenas: No, I think, we were happy that we were, like an influence on kids and stuff. But, you know, you just think about it like when they’re little kids, and they’re having fun and whatever. But actually, like, helping them achieve something bigger in life, and really something meaningful to contribute to society, you know, we never though that we would be able to have that effect this many years later. So we’re really excited about that. It’s really cool. It’s really rewarding!

Paul Schrier: Narvey and I were discussing our characters yesterday. And we were saying the ones that aren’t dead or in jail, the fans of Bulk and Skull that aren’t dead or in jail have done a great job not getting caught! (Audience laughs) What’s up, Noah?

Audience 2: Oh, god!

Paul Schrier: Yeah, I called you out!

Audience 2: You called me out, guy!

Paul Schrier: Your address is one two… (trails off, crowd gives an audible “Oh!”)

Audience 2: Big fan of the show, thank you all for coming! My general question’s open. What was your favorite episodes? I mean, Were you in ’em? Were they on when you guys left the series? I’m curious!

Announcer: Favorite episodes!

Nakia Burrise: Start with you, Narv!

Jason Narvey: What, me?!

Nakia Burrise: Yeah! Or Paul!

Paul Schrier: Countdown to Destruction! (Audience cheers) Parts one and two!

RI Comic Con 2013 - Bounty Hunter Panel 001Jason Narvy: Oh, I liked the Western the best! That was great! We got horses and moustaches! I also enjoyed doing the, ah, horses with moustaches! (laughs) That’s a horrible thing to say about AJ! Wow… (laughs)

Paul Schrier: You can was a horse, but you, ah, forget it!

Announcer: Forget it! Do not! No! No! Other questions! Yes, right here in the hat! Oh, I’m sorry! No wait, you went to the mic, go for it! And in costume!

Audience 3: Alright, um, well I kind of want to echo what the first guy said, and really thank you. I was this little weird nerdy, awkward kid and I was bullied all the time. And you guys, you guys showed me a world where people like me could be valued for who we were. Where intelligence and diversity and creativity were respected. (Audience applauds)

Steve Cardenas: Right on!

Audience 3: Oh, thank you! And as an adult, you guys were my first superheroes. As an adult, every time I’ve stood up and spoken for someone who needed a voice, every time I’ve stood up to protect someone, it’s because part of me still asks what the Power Rangers would do. (Audience Applauds, several cheer)

Steve Cardenas: that’s awesome!

Audience 3: I… I guess my, after that lead-in, my question’s going to be really silly, but… what do you imagine, I mean of course, Bulk and Skull got to come back for Samurai, but 20 years on, what do you imagine your characters are up to?

Paul Schrier: Well everybody knows I’m sleepin’ in the garage with a twenty year old kid!

Jason Narvy: Yeah, with my son! What is wrong with you?!

Paul Schrier: Totally, totally legit! It’s just a clubhouse! That’s all!

Barbara Goodson: Well, Rita and Zed had a terrible divorce (audience laughs), and, you know, she’s losing at ever trying to conquer Earth. You know she’s just not going to make it. But, you know, she’s collecting Social Security! (Audience laughs)

Nakia Burrise: I think Tania got her record deal, and her and Adam are probably hanging out. Not necessarily together. Ah, really good friends. And [Redacted], come give me a hug! ‘Cause you just really touched my heart! (Audience applauds, the audience member and Burrise hug)

Paul Schrier: that’s awesome!

Audience 4: Hey, what’s going on, guys? This is actually a question for the two voice actors we have for Rita and Goldberg. (PA announcement can be heard in the background)

Jason Narvy: This disembodied voice is creepy! Where is this person! (laughs) Like god was talking to us!

Barbara Goodson: (Imitates Rita Repulsa) Stand up!

Audience 4: (Imitates Goldater) Yes, my master!

Kerrigan Mahan: Wow!

Audience 4: Oh, you like it! I like to ask this to a lot of voice actors because I’m a big fan of different voice acting. When it came to the voices of your characters, did they tell you that that’s what they were going to sound like, or did you think of them yourself? (Barbara Goodson laughs)

Kerrigan Mahan: Barbara?

Barbara Goodson: Okay! Some of you know the story, but I’ll tell it as quickly as I can! They wanted me to do the Wicked Witch of the West (imitates Wicked Witch of the West) I’ll get you my pretty! (returns to normal speaking voice) And the pilot was with that voice! And I was fired because they said the people thought it wasn’t scary enough! So I said “that’s how you directed me! Let me do a scarier, different voice!” And they said “well, we’re gonna have auditions.” And I said “well, can I audition?” And they said “yes, you can audition.” And I was so pissed off. It’s called, you know, having a director!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKerrigan Mahan: Take it easy, now! Take it easy.

Barbara Goodson: Okay. So I went in, and I said (Imitates Rita Repulsa) You want it scarier?! How’s this?! (Audience applauds and cheers) And Rita was born, not knowing I’d be doing it for five plus plus years. And that’s how she was created! And I’m stickin’ to that one! Goldar?

Kerrigan Mahan: Goldar was, ah, you know, I was told “that’s what I”m gonna do, that guy.” And I said we didn’t really know this show was gonna go or sell or anything. So I stuck this kind of nothin’ voice on him, and then it sold. And I realized what I’d done initially for the pilot. And I don’t know if anybody saw the pilot, but it was, you know, it was a very pinched sound, and I realized I can’t sustain this. So I had a little basement in my house at the time, and I went down there and spent about an hour figuring out how I’m going to make this thing work!

Barbara Goodson: What else do you do in that basement? (Audience laughs)

Kerrigan Mahan: I opened the door for that, didn’t I?!

Barbara Goodson: (laughs) Yeah you did!

Kerrigan Mahan: Yeah! So anyway, I figured out how to get the air rolling over the pipes, and, you know, could get away with about an hour. But I never could understand how Barbara did hers. It, I, it just, whatever you’re doing, it’s hurtin’ me, and I can’t do it.

Barbara Goodson: I don’t understand it either, but it’s there and it hasn’t left!

Kerrigan Mahan: So and I always had to have my headset really hot, so I knew where my place, the place… It’s like, you know, a monitor for a rock singer. I had to hear everything really loud so I knew exactly where the placement was, so I didn’t scratch my chords.

Steve Cardenas: Hey, you know, one of the lines that I like actually from Goldar is in the movie. When Ivan Ooze and them are standing on top of that tower, and the Pink Ranger, Kimberly, sorry, Kimberly’s flying in on the thing, and he, Ivan Ooze goes “oh, here comes that cute little Pink Ranger,” and then Goldar goes “Oh, you think she’s cute, too, huh?” (Audience laughs) That was awesome! That was a good line! Go ahead!

Audience 5: Well, thank you all for coming and taking me down memory lane, childhood memories. But I actually have a question for some of the, obviously the voice actor work, unbelievable job. But the rangers, and Bulk and Skull, are there any, because of a lot of the martial arts and the choreography, are there any interesting stories, mishaps between the choreography that you can think of that’s stuck out. And you two obviously were kidnapped a couple of times, any interesting stories to tell between you and the putties, obviously?

Paul Schrier: Well, we never got hurt, we never were injured in our performances, so… (Audience laughs) Got my feelings hurt a couple of times! (laughs)

Jason Narvy: Yeah, we usually had things that found ways to seep into our orifices, so the pain came two or three days later. And you’re like “Ah, you know, that was a great se- what the?! Where the hell did that get in there?!

Paul Schrier: We did discover, funny little things you learn like what the half-life of yogurt in your eye is! I know, who would think to figure that out?! But the answer is 4.25 hours! If you put cultured Greek yogurt in your face, 4.25 hours and you’ll be able to see again!

Kerrigan Mahan: Actually, I had a physical problem recording. Yeah, it was a bitch! No, believe it or not, no seriously, I’ve never passed out in my life. And I had a sequence, I’m sorry to say I don’t remember what episode it was, it was twenty years ago. But I started to black out. And it was a long sequence that I was doing as Goldar, and I realized the air was going, and the I was going. And I didn’t want to do it again. And so the screen was starting to go black, and I’m kind of, you know, finishing out the performance I have. I’m down to five, six seconds, and I had to finish it! The thought of redoing this was horrible, because I’m like, wow, I’m blacking out! And the screen started to going black, and I started to fall backwards, and I just held on, and I finished out the cue. And my ears felt like, you know, a gun had exploded. It was, the pain, the whole thing, was just a surreal experience. And I bent over in two, and Scott said “What the hell is going on?!” And I “ehhhhhh!” (Audience laughs) So I held it out, though, and then we played it back and it worked. Barely worked! I mean I was a little off mic, because I was falling out. But it was an interesting experience. It was the only time I’ve ever almost passed out!You know, there was just no more air left, so anyway, so you know. I was physical too in the studio, too.

Kat Sutherland: Do you have any injuries?

Nakia Burrise: I don’t have any injuries!

Kat Sutherland: I did! But it sounds so pathetic after what just happened to you!

Kerrigan Mahan: Oh, I don’t know!

Kat Sutherland: In the second movie, we had to jump off a cliff. And we were all really tired, it has been a really long day, and I twisted my ankle. So you can see in the film, it’s like a girl with, a very bad wig on! (laughs) Doing the jump for me! And then we had to go in the water and it was really, really cold, and I couldn’t breathe! I was, like, getting hypothermia or something! I sound like such a wimp, don’t I!?

Barbara Goodson: No!

Kat Sutherland: After a long day working, and when you’re in shorts that are, like, right up your bum, I think-

Barbara Goodson: Now everyone’s going to watch that movie to see that wig! (Audience laughs)

Steve Cardenas: I’ve got it on my phone right now, actually!

Barbara Goodson: I broke microphones!

Jason Narvy: You know, I will say this, just for fun! I’ve had two black eyes in my life! Steve, can you stand up for a second?

Steve Cardenas: Okay.

Jason Narvy: Black eye number 1! Paulie, could you stand up a second? Black eye number two!

Steve Cardenas: What do you tell somebody with two black eyes? Nothin’! You already told ’em twice! (audience laughs)

Paul Schrier: He really deserved it, though. I swear, I love him!

Jason Narvy: I got a great picture of the first time Paulie ever held my son! And I’ve got a black eye! Ergh! Paulie, me, and my son and a black eye! What the hell’s going on in that family?!

Paul Schrier: And Jason’s mother-in-law was there, and she was like “So, you’re Paulie.” And I’m like “Yeah?” We’re Bulk and Skull! Whaddya want?!

Announcer: Go ahead: next question!

Audience 6: How you guys doing? I’m [Redacted] from Warwick, Rhode Island.

Panelists: Hi, [Redacted]!

Audience 6: First, I want to say thank you guys for coming. It’s amazing how many of you were able to make it here! Now we all know, we all love Rita, we all love Zed! We all kind of like Ivan Ooze.

Kat Sutherland: He was cool! (laughs)

Audience 6: But what are your favorite er, ah monsters from the show?

Kat Sutherland: Bulk and Skull! (Audience laughs)

Paul Schrier: You ripped that joke off! You-

Jason Narvy: You beat me to the draw! You beat me to the draw! I’m like, Oh! It’s gotta…! Oh gosh!” (Kat Sutherland laughs)

Paul Schrier: I’m gonna give that to you, Kat!

RI Comic Con 2013 - Day 2 - John - 019Nakia Burrise: I liked Rita and Divatox!

Steve Cardenas: Divatox? Who’s Divatox?! Just kidding!

Nakia Burrise: Dads liked Divatox! And the boys, right? (laughs)

Steve Cardenas: Yep! (laughs)

Kerrigan Mahan: King Mondo was awesome!

Paul Schrier: Divatox was hot. She’s hot!

Barbara Goodson: I liked Squat and Baboo! (Audience cheers) And Goldar!

Jason Narvy: Goldar was pretty cool!

Kerrigan Mahan: Yeah, he was alright!

Announcer: Go Ahead, next question!

Audience 8: Thank you guys for coming out, it means a lot to me! I was just a little kid playing with buttons on a TV, until I discovered your TV show. And, um, the first thing I really in the parents protected me my whole life, I never stopped believing. So I have a question for you guys. Doing the films compared to doing the episodes, what was the difference? Did you like doing film work better than TV show, or like, what was the difference between those two different media products?

Jason Narvy: Ah, much slower pace on the film, that’s for sure! And it was interesting because there was more hands involved in the film. Working on the show, by the time we started doing the film, we knew each other. We knew the rapport, we knew all the actors, all the voice actors. We knew what the final product was going to be. So actually working on this particular film was a little bit frustrating at times. You never knew what was going to get changed, you didn’t even quite know what your characters were going to be. Fox and Saban had very different ideas on what that film should have been. And it was sort of like going to meet a whole other side of your family, only to find out they hate the side of your family you’re on-

Paul Schrier: Walter Jones, everyone! Walter Jones, the original Black Ranger! (Audience cheers as Walter takes the stage)

Walter Jones: Hey guys, sorry I’m late! I had to finish up business and wrap everything up, because we’re leaving the airport as soon as we’re done here! So… hi! What’s up, guys? How you doing?! Sorry to interrupt, you were saying something?

Paul Schrier: Nah, he wasn’t saying anything. He’s done.

Jason Narvey: Not a damn thing!

Walter Jones: Not a damn thing, huh?

Jason Narvey: Not a damn thing!

Announcer: I want to point out that, along with David Yost who was here for just a moment earlier, Walter was also here last year. So thank you very much for coming back! I totally appreciate that! (Audience applauds) So I feel like I can do this for the rest of the day, but I know I’m going to start running out of time. I’m not sure if I can get through this whole queue. I want to make sure we get some of the kids up here, if possible!

Kat Sutherland: Yeah, please!

Announcer: So I’m going to start being arbitrary. That kid number one, got a question?

Audience 9: Some of y’all, I live in Helena, Alabama, and I just love Power Rangers a lot. And I have a question for Bulk and Skull!

Paul Schrier: Okay!

Audience 9: First one goes for Bulk. What was your favorite part of Power Rangers Samurai?

Paul Schrier: Um, the final episode of Super Samurai!

Audience 9: And Skull, did you like being in the Power Rangers experience?

Jason Narvy: Did I like the Power Rangers experience in general? I did! I mean, look at the people that I met! These are great people! And if you can work with your best friends, you’re a pretty blessed individual, so I was pretty lucky! (Audience cheers)

Audience 9: Yeah! Power Rangers rule!

Paul Schrier: Thanks buddy, You rule! That kid’s actually 37 years old!

Audience 10: Hi, my name is [Redacted], and I’m from Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

Barbara Goodson: Hi!

Steve Cardenas: Good to see you, dude!

Audience 10: I’ve been a Power Rangers fan since the very beginning, in 1993!

Barbara Goodson: Thank you!

Audience 10: And I did take time to write down some questions (pulls out giant list… no word of a lie, this thing was three pages), but I’ll just go with the ones I think are important.

Announcer: Let’s just do one, pick your favorite!

Audience 10: Okay. Did any of you ever get to keep any costumes or props from the show?

Barbara Goodson: Only what we stole! (Audience laughs)

Kat Sutherland: That’s true!

Barbara Goodson: They think I’m kidding! (Audience laughs)

RI Comic Con 2013 - Day 2 - John - 016Nakia Burrise: I have the communicator! There was an episode where I was in, I was a DJ. Does anybody remember me being a DJ? (Audience cheers) In one of the episodes, I wore yellow snake-skin pants! (laughs) I have those pants! (laughs)

Barbara Goodson: And how did you get them?

Nakia Burrise: They actually gave them to me!

Barbara Goodson: Okay!

Nakia Burrise: Yeah, yeah! And I have some toys and things that I didn’t know that I had that I just recently found. But as far as, like, my Zeo suit or my Turbo suit or helmet, no.

Announcer: Next year, please come with the pants! (Audience laughs)

Kat Sutherland: I have my power coin, and my communicator, and a barette. And somebody stole my suit for me. (Barbara Goodson gasps) I’m not saying who!

Barbara Goodson: Oh for you! Good!

Kat Sutherland: I didn’t take it, so it doesn’t count! (Audience laughs)

Paul Schrier: You know, you might not know this, but even on very famous shows or popular shows, the props are not thrown into an archive. Even on really popular shows, if somebody doesn’t rescue something, it goes into a box. And when the show wraps, it gets destroyed, or thrown in the trash many times. So although ethically, one could make the argument that, just because something is going to be thrown away doesn’t mean you can take it, I’m going to go with that. But when you’re watching your own character history go down the hall into a trash bin, I can understand the tendency to want to “pop!”

Barbara Goodson: Your tendency? The tendency?

Jason Narvy: To pluck and pick!

Announcer: Next question? Thanks [redacted]!

Audience 10: Just one more! Come on, just one more!

Announcer: There’s a long line, and I want to make sure we get to everyone.

Paul Schrier: Thank you, Greg!

Audience 11: Hi, I’m [Redacted], I live in Burlington. My question is, if any of you could switch with someone else’s character, who would it be?

Steve Cardenas: Great question! (Audience applauds) The episode Happy Birthday Zack! That would be me! (laughs)

Walter Jones: Um, I think, I think we’re, I’ll speak for myself. I’m very happy with the character I played. I mean, I think it was an honor to give that character life! But as far as rangers are concerned, I think the Green Ranger probably is the best written ranger of all. I would love to have some of the storylines that he had. I would love to be evil, and have my own Zord, and that kind of stuff! But I’m very happy with the Black Ranger. Black Ranger! Whassup? (Audience applauds)

Nakia Burrise: I would probably want to step into Kat’s shoes!

Kat Sutherland: Yeah! I think so!

Nakia Burrise: Yeah, because you were evil, too, right? yeah! That would’ve been fun!

Barbara Goodson: I would never have wanted to be anybody but Rita. (Audience cheers) But if I had to choose one more, I guess it would be Haim Saban! (The panelists and audience laugh, Jason Narvey starts doing his best Haim Saban impression)

Kerrigan Mahan: I would never want to be anything but play Goldar. Except I did get to play a character that, if I were not to have gotten to have played Magna Defender, it would’ve been my choice. It was one my favorite roles I’ve ever had ever in my voice-over career. Magna Defender.

Jason Narvy: Ah, no, dude! I had the best job, I had one of the two best jobs on the show. The rest of them are just supporting cast, don’t tell them that! (Audience laughs)

Paul Schrier: I’d like to play Skull! ‘Cause the chicks, I mean, ladies, come on. You know you like Skull better! Thank you! And he did set fashion trends for the ’90s! But you can’t argue that either, you know? (sighs)

Announcer: Awesome question, thank you!

Audience 11: Thank you!

Announcer: I want to hear from this little kid right here, in the red Power Rangers vest! You got a question? (Audience “Awws”) Whatcha got?

Audience 12: I, I, um… what’s your favorite food? (Audience laughs and applauds)

Kat Sutherland: We have never been asked that question!

Nakia Burrise: That is so cute!

Paul Schrier: Anything that washes out of your eye quickly!

Kerrigan Mahan: The best question that we’ve ever gotten, here!

Kat Sutherland: What’s your favorite food?

Audience 12: Pasghetti and meatballs!

Barbara Goodson: Oh, spaghetti and meatballs!

Kerrigan Mahan: Pasghetti.

Barbara Goodson: Pasghetti.

Kerrigan Mahan: Pasghetti.

Paul Schrier: My favorite food is Guinness! (Audience laughs) It’s a food group! Kind of bready!

Jason Schrier: Kind of chunky!

Kat Sutherland: Liquid diet! (laughs)

Nakia Burrise: I like seafood! I like to see the food, and then eat it!

Barbara Goodson: I like all food. I don’t discriminate.

Kat Sutherland: I like sushi.

Steve Cardenas: Scotch! (Audience laughs)

Audience: Go ahead!

Audience 13: My name’s [Redacted] and my question is concerning an LA Times article from either the late ’90s or early 2000s, and it was about the Screen Actor’s Guild forbidding their members for working for Saban. And did you guys hear about that, and if not, what do you think about it?

Jason Narvy: We’ve never heard of the Screen Actor’s Guild! (Audience laughs)

Paul Schrier: No, the reality of the, the truth behind that article is that, for a long time, our company was a non-union company. And that was an attempt by the Screen Actor’s Guild to force Saban Entertainment into working under a union contract. Which ultimately was successful when they negotiated over the course of 18 months to create the foreign dubbing agreement, which brought us all under the union umbrella for a significant portion of the end of the show. Any foreign production, however, was outside of the purview of that agreement which one could argue that one could circumvent it…

Audience 13: That’s why Disney went…

Paul Schrier: Exactly. Exactly. You don’t even- get out of here! Beat it! (Audience laughs) You know everything already!

Audience 13: Well, also, the article, I remember, mentioned economically exploiting children? I don’t know…

Paul Schrier: Welcome to America!

Jason Narvy: Unless they consider us children…!

Audience 13: I’m not sure what they meant by that. Maybe it was getting them to buy the toys, or I’m not sure why they mentioned that one.

Paul Schrier: Well I mean, I think that was a buzz, a hot-button phrase at the moment for anyone that didn’t want to pay what, really, structurally, had become very untenable for smaller production companies to do it! (PA announcement blares, ends with “Thank you!”) You’re welcome! (Audience laughs) So you know, I mean a lot of people wanted to put pressure on Saban to go along with the union deal. But here’s the thing: Our didn’t make the money that large network shows made! And so therefore, the company could or could not, one could argue-

Kat Sutherland: That’s not true!

Paul Schrier: Alright, we’re going to get into some controversy, here. You don’t agree with me?

Kat Sutherland: you said the show didn’t make that much money?

Paul Schrier: Well, in advertising. Because you can’t honestly, you can’t lump the toys in, because Bandai always owned all of that!

Kerrigan Mahan: This is a hot ticket item!

Jason Narvy: I will say this, too. It was unprecedented, and it was so big and so unprecedented that we are still trying to untangle it. (looks up at PA, which began blaring again) To figure out what the proper thing- Would you be quiet?! (Audience laughs)

Kat Sutherland: Jason’s lost! It’s very important they find him!

Jason Narvy: Okay, everybody look under your seat and see if you can find Jason, okay?

Kat Sutherland: (calls out) Jason!

Steve Cardenas: Jason, are you here? No?

Jason Narvy: Alright, let’s get to the next question!

Announcer: I agree. Next question! After this one, I have time for two more, so I’m going to have to pick someone.

Audience 14: Hi, my name’s [Redacted] from East Providence. Just a favor I could ask the Rangers. A little personal, my favorite part of the show. Could you stand up, say your Ranger color and your animal? (Crowd cheers)

Walter Jones: (Gets up, stretches) I just don’t morph like I used to! (poses) It’s Morphin’ Time! Mastodon! (crowd cheers)

Steve Cardenas: (poses) It’s morphin’ time! Tyrannosaurus! (crowd cheers)

Kat Sutherland: I actually never said pterodactyl, because that was Kimberly’s line, but I said “Pink Ranger Power.” Do I have to do the action?

Steve Cardenas: Oh yeah! Absolutely!

Kat Sutherland: Okay, I’m gonna have to get someone to help me or I’m going to mess it up! (crowd laughs) I have, like, four morphs! (laughs)

Nakia Burrise: I didn’t have an animal, so I’m gonna do Zeo! (gets up, stretches) If I can remember! (poses) Let me see… Zeo Ranger Two! Yellow! (crowd cheers)

Audience 14: Bulk and Skull are also the best two! (Audience applauds)

Announcer: I’ve got another little fan here I want to hear from!

Audience 15: Hi, my name is [Redacted] My favorite TV show. What was yours when you were young?

Nakia Burrise: I watched the Carol Burnett Show! I loved Carol Burnett and all the skits, and my brothers, my older brother and I would dress up and pretend to our own little skits, and try to make our parents laugh!

Barbara Goodson: Oh, gosh! I don’t know! Nobody would know what I’m talking about!

Kerrigan Mahan: Yeah, that’s the problem with us! (laughs)

Barbara Goodson: I guess The Ed Sullivan Show?

Kerrigan Mahan: I think The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Jason Narvy: Back in my day, we had something called Vaudeville! Didn’t have much of the moving pictures, but for a shiny nickel, you could go to the nickelodeon, there, and see a girl do flips! Back in my day, that was considered to be adult entertainment!

Paul Schrier: I liked the Muppets, man, when I was a kid! (Audience cheers)

Kat Sutherland: I watched Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo! (laughs)

Paul Schrier: That’s a hugely famous show in Australia!

Kat Sutherland: (laughs)

Paul Schrier: It’s just like Lassie, but-

Kat Sutherland: (laughs) It’s like Lassie, but the kangaroo!

Paul Schrier: Somebody fall down the well? Boing boing boing boing!

Kat Sutherland: Skippy, yeah, Skippy! Where’s, is he lost in the bush? -clucks tongue- Skippy the Bush Kangaroo! You never got that here, obviously!

Paul Schrier: Nobody likes Skippy, not a single Skippy character?! (one person raises his hand) Thank you for lying, sir! (Audience laughs)

Kat Sutherland: (starts singing the Skippy The Bush Kangaroo theme song)

Steve Cardenas: I remember Captain Kangaroo, but not Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. I watched He-Man and Transformers… (Audience cheers)

Paul Schrier: I loved watching that before school, man! Hot!

Kat Sutherland: Skeletor was here, wasn’t he? I liked She-Ra!

Walter Jones: I didn’t watch TV… (Audience “Aww”s) No no, I liked a lot of shows as a kid, you probably don’t know a lot of ’em, but one of my favorites was Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids! (Imitates Fat Albert) Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, it’s Fat Albert!

Kat Sutherland: Awesome. Thank you! Bye!

Audience 15: My name’s [Redacted] I’m a huge fan, I still have my VCR cassette from the movie, and everything. I wanted to say “thanks”, ’cause you guys came here, and it was my first comic con ever, so I’m very happy to be able to meet you guys! My question is, if you guys, outside of your own characters, if you could have been, like what was your favorite characters outside of your own characters?

Barbara Goodson: On the show?

Audience: On the show or the movie, the Mighty Morphin’ movie! What was your favorite character, outside of your own?

Kerrigan Mahan: Outside of our own?

Kat Sutherland: Outside of your own character, who did you like?

Barbara Goodson: Tania!

Audience 15: Anyone? Bueller?

Steve Cardenas: I liked Ivan Ooze, man! Ivan Ooze is awesome! He was great, man! He really carried that movie through a lot!

Paul Schrier: I think that question kind of is encapsulated by the “If you had to play somebody else, who would you play?

Barbara Goodson: I like Walter, though!

Walter Jones: I wasn’t in the movie!

Kat Sutherland: Oh, in the show! In the show, yeah, I liked Walter! He was awesome! Oh, that’s me! (laughs)

Kerrigan Mahan: I’m gonna answer, I think Bulk and Skull are two of the funniest, funniest characters.

Barbara Goodson: They should have had their own show!

Audience 15: Bulk and Skull are definitely my favorites and my siblings’ favorites, too!

Kerrigan Mahan: No seriously, I really, you know, if you look at all of the show, these were two of the funniest guys on TV. Truly, for me, they made the show, so…

Paul Schrier: Thank you!

Barbara Goodson: It should happen still!

Paul Schrier: They should!

The Q&A portion ends here. The remaining eight minutes of the panel were comprised of pleasantries and thanks from the crew, as well as random silliness, like Barbara Goodson and Kerrigan Mahan doing their best catch phrases for the crowd.