HeraChanAs many of you know, we at the Herald have made great strides to deliver show reviews as quickly and efficiently as possible. With features like Your Bad Anime Night Needs, Semi-Essentials, and our new Impressions section, we’ve been steadily increasing our coverage of the obscure, the new, and the just plain bad.

However, we do still seem to lack in the coverage of releases that are hitting stores here and now. While we do have our long-form reviews, I can’t help but feel that we should be paying more attention to regular releases. Rather than let our reviews remain just an occasional appearance, I’d like to test a new feature, which I’m dubbing “The Shredder.” While this will begin with myself, I do hope to begin including our staff, if the idea proves to be popular enough.

The Shredder will be a space for short-form reviews. Shredder articles will typically cover one’s experience of the first three to four episodes of a season. And, as the name implies, they will be merciless. If a series takes forever to get started, if the characters are terrible, or if it opens with episodes that go nowhere, then no mercy will be spared. Titles that treat the viewer like he has a brain, on the other hand, will be granted praise.

We’ll be preparing the first article for The Shredder tonight. If all goes well, it will kick things off tomorrow evening. I hope you look forward to it, and feel free to give us feedback!