A couple of days ago, rapper Richie Branson resumed producing #OtakuTuesdays music videos. #OtakuTuesdays videos are anime-inspired works, which have ranged from songs about shows like Cowboy Bebop, to the now-infamous Bring Back Toonami rap. The first of the new videos is Against the Wall, a song about Attack on Titan.

The choice of Attack on Titan as a subject is particularly interesting, as it really speaks volumes to the strength of the brand in the west. While Branson is no stranger to rapping about anime (heck, his Bring Back Toonami rap became a rallying cry for the Toonami revival movement last year). However, many of his #OtakuTuesdays raps have adhered strictly to bigger properties. Titles like Death Note, Mobile Suit Gundam, YuYu Hakusho are fairly well-known in the western world, and have a degree of pull with both fans and non-fans alike. They’re respected titles, that have carved their own niche in the west, both as animation and as anime. And, because of this, Branson’s raps have the ability to resonabe both with the anime sub-culture and the general nerd core alike.

In the west, the series has been steadily growing in popularity. Multiple volumes regularly appear on the New York Times manga best sellers list, as well as Nielsen Bookscan’s graphic novel sales charts. There are calls being made to get the show onto Toonami, and Neon Alley expressed interest in the series. At the same time, it’s an expansionary product, that’s attracting new audiences and creating new anime fans.

Because of this, it should be unsurprising that Branson started off the new Otaku Tuesday run with an Attack on Titan tribute. While the series isn’t mainstream just yet, the right push could send the show to heights that we haven’t seen in years. Hopefully, Branson’s tribute is just the latest in a growing trend for Attack on Titan, and for anime in general.