Well, we’ve finally done it. After over a year of talking, daring, and bullshitting, we’ve finally gotten off our lazy butts to create a trial run for a podcast. The video below is, admittedly, quite raw. There’s no intro or sign-off, and there’s no planned flow of topics. Still, I hope that you do enjoy it. Let us know what you feel works, and doesn’t work!

Oh yes, we know that the trial starts mid-conversation. This was intentional, and would have served as a segue into a proper program if we had some music to work with.

This edition features:

  • Mike Ferreira (Anime Herald’s editor-in-chief)
  • Anthony Simpson (Anime Herald reviewer
  • Matt Brown (Former Editor-in-Chief of Anime Dream)

Again, we are looking for feedback, so let us know what you think in the comments!